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For those interested, the "International Conference on Enterprises *as* Systems: Theory and Theory in Action - 2009"  announcement is below. The announcement is brief. Further information is found on the conference web site including a more complete description of the conference and a call for papers / workshop proposals.

In addition to systems, enterprises, and enterprises *as* systems, there are a number of topics that prospective contributors may wish to address. As in the past, I expect members of this forum might be especially interested in the "Ontology, Ontologies and Ontology (Sub-) Systems" topic in the context of the three themes of the conference indicated below. Other topics that continue to be of interest to the conference include:
- Semiotics
- Knowledge, Knowledge Engineering, Knowledge Management
- Characterization and Critique of Industry Standards
- Measures / Metrics
- Economics
- Law
- Cognition, Reasoning, Intelligence, Learning, Agents
- Organizations, Communities, Social Interaction

- Integration, Interoperability and Collaboration

As this is a multidisciplinary conference, prospective contributors may treat these topics in conjunction with ontology - in the context of the themes of the conference.

Title: International Conference and Workshop on Enterprises *as* Systems: Theory and Theory in Action - 2009
Date: Aug. 24th-25th 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Location: NIU Outreach Center
                   Northern Illinois University, Hoffman Estates Campus
                   5555 Trillium Blvd
                   Hoffman Estates, Illinois 60192
URL: www.enterprisesystemtheory.net/estconference/estconference.html

Key Note: "Enterprises and Resilience"
Key Note Speaker:
Dr. Christopher Nemeth PhD, CHFP
Principal Scientist
Cognitive Systems Engineering Group Leader
Klein Associates Division, Applied Research Associates

This conference and workshop is focused on:
(1) enterprises *as* systems in the (general) systems-theoretic sense (systemics and the systems family of disciplines)
(2) the formal and/or empirical representation of such systems for description, explanation and prediction (formal / empirical theory)
(3) the application of theory in analysis and design, architecture and engineering, and operation of (inter-, intra-) enterprise systems and enterprises *as* systems

Visit www.enterprisesystemtheory.net/estconference/estconference.html for further information, including a Call for Participation.
Critical Dates
July 10th, 2009: Workshop Proposals and Paper abstracts / drafts due
July 17h, 2009: Paper/ Presentation and Workshop acceptance notification
July  24th, 2009: Papers / Presentations and Workshop material due with presenter picture (.jpg, .gif) and bio due

questions: questions [at] enterprisesystemtheory [dot] net

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