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I am interested.  Alignment with UML at a conceptual level is probably a great 
goal given it allows the structure to also be expressed in UML. If UML is not 
robust enough, custom stereotypes can easily be built into a UML profile. 
Alignment at a syntax level is probably much more difficult but might be also a 
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        RE:  IEEE standards project P1175.4 is currently working on a
        developing a standardized set of concepts for linking assembly and part
        structures to system behaviors.  If you might have an interest in
        working to refine those concepts into practical ontologies / data
        structures for describing all these kinds of interrelationships, the
        goal of upcoming project P1175.5, please let me know.    (03)

I have an interest in working to refine the concepts into practical data 
structures for building systems and components. Currently, parts like an HVAC 
unit within a system can be classified and described fairly consistently. 
Efforts are underway to develop standardized property sets especially for 
federal building projects, see attached.     (04)

The current shortcoming is assemblies. For example Underwriters Laboratory 
tested, approved design for through-penetration firestop systems is XHEZ. If 
the contractor varies from this assembly in any fashion, the whole thing needs 
to be retested. But Building Information Models still seem only able to 
describe the parts - gypsum board of this thickness in these layers, certain 
studs sizes etc - we need a way to describe assemblies better. And capture how 
to dynamic structured queries on the fly over the internet. There is currently 
nothing to capture this with.     (05)

RE: Is this granular enough?  Is the parts lifecycle linked explicitly to the 
assembly or does it exist on it's own (UML aggregation vs composition).
Also needed - now the design information needs to adapt and service the entire 
building lifecycle, most parts will be replaced sooner or later. Only the WHOLE 
building will remain.     (06)

Deborah MacPherson    (07)

Deborah L. MacPherson CSI CCS, AIA
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