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Re: [ontolog-forum] Wittgenstein and the pictures

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Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2008 18:47:29 +0400
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sorry I did not check this (Wittgenstein) thread before, for me 
Wittgenstein = (Frege+Russell)/2 

AS> ... formalization of scientific concepts (well, may be - "terms")
 > is much more difficult than common sense ones...


Yes and no.  Science has developed very rich mathematical formalisms
which are difficult to understand without a great deal of study.
But the fundamental principles are much simpler and easier to define
precisely than anything that has to do with human nature, psychology,
actions, intentions, purposes, interactions, families, societies,
businesses, governments, etc.


exactly - there are sciences for every area you mentioned and it would be not easy to formalize their terms (concepts, ideas).

AS> And look - how many words do we have in "common"? Let's suppose
 > 45000. Let's put 10 meanings for each - it gives us 450 000 simple
 > formulas.  I think in Science we'll get from 10 to 100 times more
 > of complex formulas.


When you get to anything related to human behavior, psychology,
and sociology, you have vastly more than 10 meanings of each word.


"psychology and sociology" are sciences...


Although people might use common words, such as 'like', 'love',
'hate', 'hope', 'wish', 'need', etc., it's unlikely that any two
people have identical meanings for them.  In fact, the same person
usually has different meanings for the same word with regard to
different friends, relatives, and acquaintances -- and different
meanings with regard to the *same* friend at different points
in time, even at different times of the same day.


these are another stories:
- often it is important only a meaning of word usage, i.e. here and now. we usually use words for messaging and interaction (to achieve a goal not a truth).
- but if you need the exact meaning of the word of a concrete person - you need just too much information about him. and there is a reasonable question: why?
sometimes for your relatives you have this information gratis and really understand them as nobody else;)


PS "In any ontology is as much truth as mathematics" I. Kant (Joke)

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