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It is not just that. By teaching children to think (to see how concepts are formulated by their own brains, using reflective thinking and disciplined logic, reflective inquiry (Dewey's terms)), starting from their current achievement and not to follow the presentation of knowledge as organised by adult logic of this century, missing out all the details of how we got here we can have a) a common access to knowledge representations redesigned, b) to the recorded progress of individual learners who can follow whatever thread they need to in that master structure or template of knowledge reps.
I do not understand why in the US people want to augment intellect by making gadgets only and not try to make children more inteligent by education them in a different way using computers again in a radically different way (mirroring the mind, both collectvey and individually ).Children get lost and frustrated because some kids can think fast and forward ohers cannot and that is the basic cultural difference due to teaching them lexical knowledge and no informal logic, reflective thinking. teaching Critical thnkinking s abut taking a moral stand and to become good at disputes.
Thank you for your comment Ravi

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This is closer to how I think we understand if we are not too dependant on text only for all learning, especially phenomena and processes. If these can be taught on similar lines, our youth might become interested in more and more non-book learning.



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To supplement my comment with citation from authorities

Translation from Hungarian of Tractatus:

2.1 We create images of facts

2.12 An image is a model of reality.

2.13 Objects in a picture correspond to the components of a picture.

2.14.1 A picture is a fact

2.182 All pictures are of logic at the same time

3. The logical picture of facts is an idea


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