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Re: [ontolog-forum] Data Models v. Ontologies (again)

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Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 18:04:28 +0200
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Barker, Sean (UK) wrote:
> A data model assumes a set of entities, and the choice of which entity
> to use is implicit, both as natural language text in the data model, and
> in the input processes of the system embodying the data model. A data
> modeller is primarily concerned with meeting the information
> requirements of the system rather than characterising the entities, and
> records those aspects (attributes, properties, characteristics) of the
> entity of relevance to the functioning of the system.
An interesting aspect of the the ontology vs information model vs data 
model discussions may be what ISO points to:    (01)

"data is; reinterpretable representation of information in a formalized 
manner suitable for communication, interpretation, or processing"    (02)

Workable distinctions that I often use are that Ontology focus on 
communicating meaning, information model is a subset of ontologies 
suited and aimed for use by information systems and data models are 
focused on efficient structure, interpretation and processing by 
information systems.    (03)

Data models tend to be linked to software implementation technologies 
and their inherit structure and processing models, examples include 
relational model with indexing and denormalization in datawarehouse 
applications and core component that is based on hierarchical and XML 
structure.    (04)

/Anders    (05)

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