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[ontolog-forum] Dontology (Was: Data Models v. Ontologies (again))

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Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 13:25:17 -0400
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Hi Sean --

You wrote

I'm still trying to sort out when to tell people I'm doing data
modelling and when ontologies

In the system online at the site below, the following activities are unified in one framework:
  • Specification of applications in executable English
  • Reasoning over hierarchies and other structures
  • Automatic generation and execution of complex SQL,  with business-level English explanations of the results
So, there may be advantages in regarding data modeling and ontology writing as unifiable activities.  A name for this might be "dontology modeling"? 

Hope this helps.

Apologies to folks who have seen this before, and thanks for comments.

                      -- Adrian
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Adrian Walker

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