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Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2008 11:12:36 -0600
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> From: Alexander Garcia Castro     (01)

> Hopefully this is not so out of focus. I am looking for a definition
for orthogonality. When > are ontologies orthogonal? Any body who can
recommend me some good papers about orthogonal > > ontologies? Is there
a measure for orthogonality?      (02)

Alexander,    (03)

An ontology is intended to define the terms of a domain, and the
relationships among the terms. This allows for information exchange
among agents, human or machine. It enables semantic interchange.    (04)

If two agents, each using an ontology, cannot exchange terms that can be
fitted into the respecive ontology each is using, then they must be
using different, non-overlapping ontologies. These two ontologies would
be orthogonal. No term or relation in one ontology would have meaning in
the other. The ontologies would be mutually exclusive.    (05)

-- Jeffrey Schiffel    (06)

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