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Pat:    (01)

I cannot speak for all humans, only myself.  Based on my own limited
perception of reality, it is hard to accept that our own lives are
infinitesimally insignificant in the overall eternity of time and space.  I
guess it arrives from my own sense of self importance vs. the reality of
physics.      (02)

Duane    (03)

On 1/15/08 9:38 AM, "Pat Hayes" <phayes@xxxxxxx> wrote:    (04)

> I guess you have lost me here. What is hard to
> accept? That time is endless, or that it isn't?
> Both ideas seem to be found in many folklores and
> creation myths. Many Christians for example
> believe that there will be a 'last time' after
> (or at) the second coming, at which point the
> entire corporeal universe, including time, will
> simply cease to be. Heaven, on the other hand,
> goes on for ever. So you need both kinds of time
> to fully grok eschatology.
> Pat    (05)

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