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On 1/14/08 1:17 PM, "David Whitten" <david.j.whitten@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:    (01)

> Chindogu Ten Commandments
> # 1 A chindogu must not actually be used
> # 2 It must have some function.
> # 3 It must have an anarchic element.
> # 4 It must be a tool for everyday life.
> # 5 It must not actually be put on the market.
> # 6 It must not be only for the purpose of humor.
> # 7 It must not be for black humor.
> # 8 "Dirty" jokes are forbidden.
> # 9 It must not be for profit.
> #10 It must be usable internationally.    (02)

Most of the examples seem to violate at least one of these commandments.
For example, any of these that are demonstrated seem to violate #1 ( they
have actually been used to demonstrate).    (03)

As a long time Kawakami fan, I have to both admire his work but find this
list raises bigger issues.  Our universe, for example, is a paradox of
logic.  According to most logic, nothing can go on eternally yet both time
and space apparently must.  Quantum physics and human perception seem to be
irreconcilable (my opinion) perhaps due to the fact our own brains are too
limited to comprehend the larger realm in which we exist.    (04)

The question that arises out of this is "how can we define ontologies based
on logic in a universe that apparently exists in contradiction of that
logic"?    (05)

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