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Dear Stavros,
Many companies (D&B etc.) sell databases of information about companies including financial metrics, nicknames, major products, competitors, suppliers, consumers, top executives, sector (taxonomy node), acquisitions of companies, mergers, etc.  
MW: Yes. We purchase this data. There are also the NACE classifications. You might want to look out the TOVE ontology.
Does anyone on this list know of work on ontologies for this sort of industry, company, and product structure information?  
MW: Most corporate data models will have this sort of stuff. I know our Downstream Data Model does.
The taxonomy approach has all the standard problems with trees (is the French steel industry taxonomized as a steel node somewhere under France, or vice versa?) and there are all kinds of inference you'd like to do: e.g. Wyeth makes Advil; Advil is a brand of ibuprofen; ibuprofen is an analgesic; therefore Wyeth makes analgesics. 
MW: Yes, this kind of stuff could be found from our product data model. Just to put some scale on this, our Organisations data model has some 200+ entity types, and our Products and Materials data model has about 100 entity types. This of course is just structuring information, and does not include any of the data about particular products or organizations.


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