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Re: [ontolog-forum] Business and industry structure ontologies

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Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 10:40:30 +0700
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I am not sure if my reply below addresses your question    (01)

> Does anyone on this list know of work on ontologies for this sort of
> industry, company, and product structure information? The taxonomy approach
> has all the standard problems with trees (is the French steel industry
> taxonomized as a steel node somewhere under France, or vice versa?) and
> there are all kinds of inference you'd like to do: e.g. Wyeth makes Advil;
> Advil is a brand of ibuprofen; ibuprofen is an analgesic; therefore Wyeth
> makes analgesics.    (02)

depending on what you are buidling your taxo for (purpose/goal)    (03)

in principle,  whatever taxonomy you choose should be navigable from
either end transversally
(back and forth)
this means, the user establishes the view they want to get of the data
ie - list steel nodes under france, or list all the countries listed
under steel node
is purely a matter of perspective, and the tool should support this flexibility    (04)

unless you have a reason to make a choice otherwise, in which case you
would probably know
which would be the best thing to do (for example, if the goal is
'represent all the steel hubs in france, then you know what to do)    (05)

PDM    (06)

Paola Di Maio
School of IT
*********************************************    (07)

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