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Apologies for cross posting    (01)

Please circulate  this announcement among  colleagues and
students who may be interested.    (02)

-Stefano Borgo    (03)

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :    (04)

   FOMI 2008 - 3rd Workshop on Formal Ontologies Meet Industry
               5-6 June, 2008, Torino, Italy    (05)

                       CALL FOR PAPERS    (06)

Conference web site: http://www.fomi2008.di.unito.it    (07)

Proceedings published by IOS Press, http://www.iospress.nl/    (08)

This event is jointly organized by:
       - Laboratory for Applied Ontology, ISTC-CNR, Trento
       - University of Torino
       - University of Verona    (09)


FOMI  is an  international  forum where  academic researchers  and
industrial  practitioners  meet  to  analyze  and  discuss  issues
related  to methods,  theories,  tools and  applications based  on
formal  ontologies.    (011)

There  is today  wide agreement  that knowledge  modeling and  the
semantic dimension  of information  plays an  increasingly central
role  in   networked  economy:  semantic-based   applications  are
relevant in  distributed systems such as  networked organizations,
organizational networks, and  in distributed knowledge management.
These knowledge models in industry  aim to provide a framework for
information and knowledge  sharing, reliable information exchange,
meaning    negotiation   and    coordination   between    distinct
organizations  or   among  members   of  the   same  organization.    (012)

New tools  and applications have  been and are being  developed in
diverse  application fields,  ranging from  business to  medicine,
from engineering  to finance, from  law to electronics.  All these
systems have  exploited the theoretical results  and the practical
experience of previous work. In all  cases, it has been shown that
formal ontologies  play a central  role in describing in  a common
and understandable way  the logical and practical  features of the
application domain.    (013)

The  success  of  the   methodologies  associated  with  knowledge
modeling  and ontologies  led to  increased need  of a  comparison
between  different  approaches  and   results,  with  the  aim  of
evaluating the  interdependencies between theories and  methods of
formal  ontology  and  the  activities, processes,  and  needs  of
enterprise  organizations.    (014)

The FOMI 08 Workshop aims to advance in this direction by bringing
together  researchers  and  practitioners interested  in  ontology
application,  paying particular  attention  to  the topics  listed
below.    (015)


*problems in ontology application:*
  - practical issues in using ontologies in the enterprise
  - real cases of successful/unsuccessful use of ontology in
  - from legacy systems to the new ontology-driven systems    (017)

*ontology and business:*
  - ontology and ontological methodologies in business;
  - adaptation of ontologies for companies and organizations;
  - ontology effectiveness and evaluation in business    (018)

*ontology and enterprise:*
  - ontology-driven enterprise modeling;
  - ontology development and change within organizations;
  - ontology-driven representation of products, services,
         design, processes;    (019)

*ontology and enterprise knowledge:*
  - ontologies for the know-how;
  - ontologies for corporate knowledge;    (020)

*ontology in practice:*
  - ontologies for electronic catalogs, e-commerce, e-government;
  - ontologies for marketing;
  - ontologies for finance;
  - ontologies for engineering;
  - ontologies for medical sciences;    (021)

*ontology and linguistics:*
  - ontology-driven linguistic representation in organization
  - linguistic problems in standards and in codification processes;
  - ontologies and multilingualism in business and organizations    (022)

PROGRAMME    (023)

The  Scientific   Programme  will  include  invited   talks,  oral
presentations,   poster  and   demo  presentations,   and  panels.
Submitted papers will  be peer-reviewed and selected  on the basis
of  technical  quality,  relevance of  the  described  experiences
(depending  on  the  type  of  submission),  and  clarity  of  the
presentation  for  the workshop.  In  particular,  we insist  that
papers should be written for a wide audience. Accepted papers will
be  presented  at  the  workshop, and  published  as  proceedings.    (024)


Accepted papers will appear in the Workshop Proceedings, published
by IOS Press  and distributed to participants.  Following the past
edition, a selection  of the best papers accepted  at the workshop
will be  considered for  publication in the  international journal
"Applied Ontology".    (026)


* Format
   - The maximal paper length is 10 pages, excluding title page and
   - Papers must be submitted in PDF format
   - Instructions and tools about the submissions can be found at
     the "IOS Press author templates" page,
     http://www.iospress.nl/authco/instruction_crc.html.    (028)

* Deadlines:
   - Paper Submission: January 7, 2008
   - Acceptance Notification: March 3, 2008
   - Camera Ready: March 31, 2008    (029)


- Bill Andersen, Ontology Works, USA
- Guido Boella, University of Torino, Italy
- Stefano Borgo, (co-chair), Laboratory for Applied Ontology, CNR,
   Trento, Italy
- Peter Clark, Knowledge Systems, Boeing Maths and Computing
   Technology, USA
- Matteo Cristani, University of Verona, Italy
- Roberta Cuel, University of Trento, Italy
- Roberta Ferrario, Laboratory for Applied Ontology, CNR, Trento,
- Michael Gruninger, University of Toronto, Canada
- Nicola Guarino, Laboratory for Applied Ontology, CNR, Trento,
- Gilles Kassel, Universite de Picardie Jules Verne, France
- Paulo Leitao, Escola Superior de Tecnologia e de Gestao,
   Polytechnic Institute of Braganca, Portugal
- Leonardo Lesmo (co-chair), University of Torino, Italy
- Riichiro Mizoguchi, The Institute of Scientific and Industrial
   Research, Osaka University
- Jorge Posada, VICOMTech, Donostia / San Sebastian, Spain
- Chris Partridge, 42 Objects Limited, BORO Centre Limited, Brunel
   University, UK
- York Sure, Institut AIFB, Universitat Karlsruhe, Germany
- Valentina Tamma, University of Liverpool, UK
- Matthew West, Shell International Petroleum Company Limited, UK
- Radboud G.F. Winkels, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands    (031)

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