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To: "Art Botterell" <ABott@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, <emergency@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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From: Rex Brooks <rexb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2007 05:30:23 -0800
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Thanks Art,    (01)

1. Good Cap Education. Thanks for the excellent and concise presentation.    (02)

2. Excellent start, early middle good, late middle makes many good 
points, but gets muddled, for me, and the run up to the end doesn't 
explain how to start making sense of 5.123.456 "string" matches, just 
asks the question of how to make it useful, implies that ontology 
can't do it (as opposed to simply isn't yet doing it) and says its up 
to us. That is, of course, true regardless of discussion, debate and 
implications.    (03)

However, the good start far outweighs the conclusion. I am copying 
this on to the Ontolog Forum to see what kind of response it gets in 
that mailing list.    (04)

However, in any event ontology we care to use, the future remains to 
be seen and  can only be consensually categorized after it passes 
into history. The one thing all addressees in these lists have in 
common is that we're all engaged in consciously making history.    (05)

Would you be open to be included in an Emergency Response Panel 
Discussion in the Ontolog Forum, say in early-mid summer, as a voice 
from the practitioner community? These are conducted via combined 
teleconference and VNC-shared screen presentations. It would be the 
third of an irregularly scheduled ongoing series. See 
http://ontolog.cim3.net/wiki for a description of how this forum is 
conducted.    (06)

We're scheduling a February datre for the second session on this 
topic but the focus is already set, and I would suggest a May 
timeframe for a session focusing on existing and planned operational 
systems and how they can be semantically coordinated for avoiding 
snarl-ups in GIS systems, logistics, and jurisdictional 
considerations (e.g. command structure terminologies in trusted 
networks across those jurisdictional boundaries/responsibilities 
where commanders need to communicate to captains or commissioners or 
other named EOS/Public Safety and Health System authorities) using 
structured information systems.    (07)

Rex    (08)

At 7:33 PM -0800 11/9/07, Art Botterell wrote:
>Good evening, friends -
>For your viewing pleasure, wanted to pass along a pair of YouTube 
>links some of our crowd might find interesting.
>The first is a little promo about CAP: 
>  >
>The second (much better) is about... well, everything: 
>  >
>Enjoy, and have a good/long weekend!
>- Art
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