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Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2007 14:26:43 -0500
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Ingvar,    (01)

I agree with you on the following point:    (02)

 > I think that science and philosophy are somewhat *overlapping*
 > disciplines that can benefit from interaction. When science
 > and philosophy is not in reflective equilibrium one of them,
 > if not both, has to be changed, but there is no meta-rule that
 > tells us what ought to be changed.    (03)

As I said in my previous note, I believe that the primary role
of philosophy is conceptual analysis, which is essential to every
area of knowledge from the most informal to the most highly
sophisticated.    (04)

The primary role of any science is to study some range of phenomena,
and conceptual analysis is essential for clarifying and refining
the concepts in that field.  That stage is primarily philosophical,
but it can be done by scientists, who have some training or at
least some good intuition about philosophical matters.    (05)

 > First, both Plato and Aristotle were primarily metaphysicians,
 > even though this of course forced them to do conceptual analysis,
 > too.    (06)

Their word for what they were doing is philosophy, which in those
days included the sciences.  Aristotle was, among other things,
a logician, a linguist, a literary critic, a biologist, a physicist,
a psychologist, an ethicist, and a political scientist.    (07)

As evidence, professionals in each of those fields cite Aristotle
as the founder or at least one of the founds of their subject.
What he contributed to those fields was an analysis of the
fundamental concepts.    (08)

 > I wouldn't call this view of John's a Peircean view.    (09)

I never said that all my views were Peircean.   By the way, CSP
referred to Aristotle as a "great naturalist".    (010)

John    (011)

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