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Re: [ontolog-forum] FINAL REMINDER: 4th SOA for E-Government Conference,

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On 9/22/07 9:22 AM, "John F. Sowa" <sowa@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:    (01)

> Although I like the basic points you make, I have one criticism:
>> Composition and Aggregation are both types of Binary Relationships.
>> They are also both specializations of the "whole-part" pattern,
>> a pattern in which a whole "thing" has parts.
> The question why? always requires a triadic answer, which says
> something A is related to something B for the reason C.    (02)

John:    (03)

This is captured in the OASIS Reference Model for SOA.  There are numerous
aspects of the why including motivation, goals, dependencies, real world
effects etc.    (04)

During the discussions leading to the writing of the specification, the fact
that the "why" might not be readily apparent to those who publish services
was also discussed in great detail.  Some may deploy public services
completely unaware that others wish to consume the services.    (05)

Another facet of "why" is the alignment with business objects, goals when
designing services.  SOA seems to have brought many IT shops closer together
with lines of business (LOB) although like anything else, one could deploy
both architecturally elegant SOA infrastructure as well as very poorly
designed SOA infrastructure.  I think this latter point is well address in a
book by Ron Schmelzer and Jason Bloomberg called "Service Orient or be
Doomed".    (06)

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