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Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2007 21:53:19 +0700
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Peter, Deborah    (01)

while I was writing the email I was also thinking 'should i volunteer
' but then deleted the thought and went on with my chores - thanks for
the encouragement    (02)

It makes sense to develop a single set of keywords,  events should use
the same tag set as all other resources, so I suggest project Keywords
is started, draft here    (03)

http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ProjectKeywords    (04)

I'll start extracting and list the keywords from the framework, and we
can take it from there?    (05)

everyone welcome to edit/add/change including those who have already
started similar efforts    (06)

- Some suggestions for discussion below
- shall we continue this thread on the ontologizing mailing list? (cc)    (07)

(a) a project title
Project Keywords (towards a thesaurus)    (08)

(b) goals:
To make a list of tags to associate with our resources
Such list should be structured and should reflect where possible the framework
Such list should also serve as possible launch pad for new ideas to be
incorporated in the framework at a later date (keywords not in the
framework can be used )
The purpose of the list of tags is to start forming a semantic
structure against which we can map existing and forthcoming resources
Quality of the list: The terms used should be unambiguos and well defined
We can use synonyms where more than one choice of term is possible
The keywords produced on this list can be used/merged with other related efforts
This project shall end when we have enough keywords to map our
resources against our domain (likely to remain ongoin)    (09)

a set of keyterms mapped around the framework    (010)

Suggested Process:
Phase one
1) make an initial list of keywords that define the framework (extract
these from the framework statment and diagrams  (paola volunteers to
do this first step)    (011)

2) ask the author of each document on the wiki to extract the keywords
from their document/presentation/slides onto the keywords of the
framework    (012)

Phase two
set up discussion as required
Merge/evolve the set of keywords using other sets of keywords produced
by related efforts    (013)

Phase three
Produce a working document (deliverable)    (014)

(c) Launch date - Today! .
I do not forsee the need for a 'meeting as such',  but should anyone
have anything to discuss or questions that cannot be handled by email
they can call a meeting anytime.    (015)

I am available on skype /blogconthai/ anytime (well before 10 Pm BKK
time is good for me,) and on gmail -  I am also happy to work asynch
I have opened a chat room on skype for voice and text
http://ui.skype.com/ui/0/    (016)

 [1], Ken Baclawsaki > is championing a similar exercise for artifacts
collected from the
> OntologySummit2007_Survey
ken - can you share your tags so far?    (017)

 [2] >  ... some coordination between this potential task team and his, and,
> as previously mentioned, to the OntologTaxoThesaurus project work
please Ontotaxo group point to the latest list of tems extracted, at
least we can start looking at it?  Shall we continue this thread on
the ontologizing list to keep the coordination going?    (018)

Cheers    (019)

PDM    (020)

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