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Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007 20:50:30 +0700
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Matthew    (01)

> MW: Actually, the question engineers are starting to worry about is
> how many simultaneous things going wrong should be taken into account?
> Most disasters I have seen (that are not primarily down to human
> negligence) have happend as a result of multiple factors coming into
> play, when each on its own was designed for.    (02)

Interesting. I am so sorry I cannot answer....
I think it depends how far they decide to extend their observations    (03)

How many factors are likely to have an impact, to what degree,  the
stability of each factor, under different sets of circumstances  and
how many n-ary factors in turn impact the stability of the primary
factors etc . Reality is a chain of causes and effects.
Or simply be ready for a degree of risk    (04)

I think most important is do not assume that our calculations,
irrespective of how
sophisticated they appear, are capable of simulating reality in all
its probabilities possibilities and one off occurrences (some events
cause much distress, and then never repeat again)    (05)

Adrian, yes change management functionalities  are a step rather
implementable to start with - lets start observing change as it
happens....rather than ignoring it....    (06)

Now I just have to hope that I dont slip on my way to the kitchen
sic    (07)

PDM    (08)

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