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Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2007 11:28:31 +0700
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Okay let me rephrase    (01)

There is agreement, from what I hear,  that there appears to be little
cohesion between the layers of the semantic cake.    (02)

The graphical representation of the current layer cake reference
diagram posted earlier on this list, may provide and overly abstract
simplification of it, so the first step should be investigate in more
detail the actual relationships between the layers, and not just their
simplyfied representation.    (03)

Maybe  we just have a picture that does not render justice to reality
to some extent    (04)

However we can assume that cohesion between the layers, even when and
if it exists, is not optimized nor systematically expressed nor
represented, and not good enough yet - hence the gaps and some of the
challenges that the semantic web currently faces    (05)

Pointers to work that should be taken into account as starting point
here, please?    (06)

Then we have some ideas, Azamat's fortocoming meta schema for example
and maybe a couple of previous related efforts started in the past
(and some abandoned?)    (07)

Goal is: an UOL (Unifyied Ontology Language), or similar experimental construct    (08)

I see this a s giant meta wrapper schema, challenging, but not at all unlikely
I am sure some people think otherwise, so I am interested to hear    (09)

Objections? Ideas? Form a team? anyone else intrigued enough to make a move?    (010)

Paola Di Maio
School of IT
*********************************************    (011)

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