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Commercial Terminology Software Available on SourceForge

Ridgefield, CT -- May 2, 2007 – Apelon, a leading provider of terminology and data interoperability solutions, today announced that it has placed its Distributed Terminology System (DTS) software in SourceForge as an open source project. The SourceForge link is http://sourceforge.net/projects/apelon-dts/.

DTS assists in the management, integration, and deployment of structured biomedical terminology. It has the broadest installed user base of any such software, and is part of applications that include clinical data repositories, EMR systems, public health programs, decision support, guideline authoring, and interface engines.

“Apelon first licensed DTS as a commercial product seven years ago, and has continuously improved it through several major releases,” said Stephen Coady, Apelon President and CEO. “But semantic interoperability and health information exchange are progressing disappointingly slowly. Open sourcing DTS makes the tools that have been used in many of the world’s major terminology projects available to a broader range of organizations and entities.”

Apelon believes that the presence of DTS on SourceForge has the potential to rapidly put the clinical terminology community significantly ahead of where it is now. DTS’ tools for terminology browsing, editing and formal classification are unique in the industry and Apelon expects that their broader availability will accelerate the adoption of standards in clinical applications.

Apelon will continue to offer content and support services for DTS. For further information on open source DTS see FAQ.

About Apelon

Apelon helps leading healthcare enterprises, life sciences organizations and government agencies improve the quality, comparability and accessibility of their information. Apelon offers solutions and professional services for terminology development, management, mapping and deployment. Visit www.Apelon.com for additional information.


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