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Re: [ontolog-forum] Ontology, Information Models and the 'Real World'

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Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2007 22:03:31 -0400
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To illustrate a typical approach to the problem of accommodating
the limitations of URIs for physical objects, following is an
entry from the digital library Europeana.    (01)

If you follow the http entry below, you get a picture of
the cover of the physical copy located in the Bibliothèque
Nationale de France.    (02)

Then you can page through the pictures, jump to any page,
and enlarge any page for more detail.    (03)

But note that they distinguish the library identifier,
ark:/12148/bpt6k94069r, from the http address and they
provide a considerable amount of domain-dependent metadata.    (04)

You would need very different metadata and imagery for
museum entries about dinosaur bones.    (05)

John Sowa
___________________________________________________________    (06)

*Titre :* Éloge de René Descartes, par M. Mercier    (07)

*Auteur :* Mercier, Louis-Sébastien (1740-1814)    (08)

*Editeur :* Paris (Genève)    (09)

*Date :* 1765    (010)

*Sujet :* Descartes, René (1596-1650)    (011)

*Type :* monographie imprimée    (012)

*Langue :* Français    (013)

*Format :* application/pdf    (014)

*Droits :* domaine public    (015)

*Identifiant :* _ark:/12148/bpt6k94069r_
http://www.europeana.eu/ark:/12148/bpt6k94069r    (016)

*Provenance :* Bibliothèque Nationale de France    (017)

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