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Dear Bob,
I can give a simple answer: No. Or to qualify that slightly - not as far as I know.
What is certainly true is that none of these organisations has Liaison Status with ISO TC184/SC4 - Industrial Data, which is the ISO subcommittee responsible for ISO 15926, so these initiatives would seem to be proceeding in ignorance of each other.


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Hi Adrian,


Apologies for asking a complicated question before having started to digest the two references you cite, but is their explicit interoperability tests of how ISO 15926 works with other resilient-oriented infrastructure life cycle data integration initiatives such as:


oBIX (Open Building Information Exchange and oBIX v 1.0  http://www.obix.org/  )


NBIMS (National Building Information Management Standards  http://www.wbdg.org/design/bim.php )


OGC ( Open Geospatial Consortium OWS-3 initiative     http://www.opengeospatial.org/pub/www/ows3/index.html    )


GridWise (http://www.gridwise.org/ )


And with both reasoning and rules for rule-making and policy integration technologies???






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Hi All --

The ISO15926 standard is used for industrial automation systems and integration -- integration of life-cycle data for process plants including oil and gas production facilities.

There is an example of reasoning over part 2 of the standard that one can view, change and run.

To view the example, please go to


To change or run the example, please go to www.reengineeringllc.com, click on Internet Business Logic, on GO, and then select ISO-15962p2-v1 .

You are most welcome to add further rules that reason about the ontology.

Thanks for comments,                -- Adrian

Internet Business Logic (R)
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Adrian Walker

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