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On 3/25/07 11:40 AM, "Kathryn Blackmond Laskey" <klaskey@xxxxxxx> wrote:    (04)

>                (apologies for multiple postings)
> ************************************************************
>                       DURING UAI-07
>                  CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS
>                      July 19th, 2007
>                     Vancouver, BC Canada
>                Special Theme:  Model Views
>        Submission of contributions due: April 6th, 2007
>   Inquiries and submissions to: UAIWorkshop-L AT listserv.gmu.edu
> ************************************************************
> ---------
> As in previous years, the workshop will  provide a focused
> but informal forum for exchanges among theorists,
> practitioners and tool developers. Discussions may cover
> research questions and insights, methodologies, techniques,
> and experiences with applications of Bayesian models to
> particular domains.  Proceedings of the workshop will be
> published in the CEUR Workshop Proceedings series
> (http://ceur-ws.org).  In addition, the intention is to
> publish a subset of the papers in a special issue of an
> appropriate journal.
> --------------
> This year we are especially encouraging contributions that address
> the theme
> In software and information systems engineering, it is often
> useful to make an explicit separation between the model
> and the user interface.  Separation facilitates system maintenance
> and extensibility, because changes can be made to the model without
> affecting the user interface, and vice versa.  Another reason to
> separate the model from the interface is that different categories
> of users may interact with the model in different ways.  Examples
> include users with different degrees of technical sophistication,
> users having different access privileges, users in different
> geographic areas, and users who are responsible for different
> aspects of the problem domain.  It is often desirable to tailor
> the user interface to these different categories of user.
> In many domains, there are common domain-specific communication
> patterns, such as maps, equipment diagrams, or standard tabular
> charts.  In such cases, it may be desirable to provide model views
> based on these standard patterns.  Finally, model views that are
> useful for building, testing and maintaining a model may be very
> different from the most appropriate views for end users.
> We encourage papers that focus on issues relating to model views
> in applications of Bayesian networks.  Examples include, but are
> not restricted to, the following issues.
> Different uses of a model may require different levels of granularity
> and resolution.  Papers are encouraged that discuss how model views
> can be used to present results and/or accept inputs at different
> granularities and resolution.
> Metadata and ontologies may be used to support definition and
> and management of model views.  Examples of useful metadata may
> include information about who is invoking the model, what is
> their role/task, what is their background, where are they
> located, or what is the degree of time pressure.  A formal
> ontology of tasks and users may be useful for reasoning about
> the most appropriate model view in the given circumstances.
> Applications of Bayesian networks are usually tailored to a particular
> real-world setting, or in some cases, a small collection of real-world
> settings.  Users must invoke the model, provide data (e.g., evidence,
> queries, contextual data), examine outputs, evaluate the quality
> of outputs, and make use of the outputs in some decision context.
> How do model views support the process of interacting with and making
> use of a model?  Which model views are most appropriate for which kinds
> of interactions?
> Model views may also be appropriate for knowledge engineering. Papers
> are encouraged that address model views that are useful for acquiring
> information from experts.
> -------------
> The emphasis of this year's workshop is on issues of model views
> in developing and using Bayesian models.  Submissions
> are encouraged that address fundamental issues, present
> concrete solutions, describe experiments, or analyze open problems,
> within a broad range of application areas involving diagnosis,
> optimization, temporal reasoning, spatial reasoning, and forecasting.
> In addition to submissions addressing model views, we also welcome
> contributions relevant to the overall focus of Bayesian modelling.
> Submissions addressing novel applications are particularly encouraged.
> ------
> The workshop will take place on Thursday, July 19th, the day of the
> UAI tutorials.  The workshop will begin with each participant giving
> a short introduction to themselves and their work.  These brief
> introductions will be followed by sessions devoted to
> issues in developing and using Bayesian models, consisting of
> presentations and open discussions.  We will conclude with a plenary
> panel discussion which will summarize the issues raised during the
> day and consider plans for next year.
> ------------
> The workshop will be co-located with the general UAI conference.
> A registration fee for the workshop will be required in addition to
> the main conference registration.
> -------------
> Submissions of 3-8 pages, preferably in the same format as for
> the overall conference) are solicited, along with a short statement
> of interest. The statement of interest should explain the
> contributors' backgrounds, the application on which they have
> worked, and the characteristics of that application domain.
> The contribution should raise questions and offer results that
> participants can discuss. All participants will be expected
> to have material to present for the workshop.  Participants are
> encouraged to apply jointly with members of other disciplines with
> whom they have collaborated. Submissions and inquires should be
> addressed to UAIWorkshop-L AT listserv.gmu.edu.
> Participation will be limited to 30 individuals.  All members of the
> workshop committee who would like to attend are expected to qualify as
> participants.  Contributors will be selected by the committee to
> achieve a mix of individuals who are likely to generate the most
> constructive presentations and discussions.
> ------------------
> Kathryn Blackmond Laskey, George Mason University, Co-chair
> Suzanne M. Mahoney, Innovative Decisions, Inc., Co-chair
> Judy Goldsmith, University of Kentucky, Co-chair
> John Mark Agosta, Intel Corporation
> Russell Almond, Educational Testing Service
> Marek Druzdzel, University of Pittsburgh
> Sean Gaurino, Charles River Analytics
> James H. Jones, Ferris State University
> Oscar Kipersztok, The Boeing Company
> Linda van der Gaag, Utrecht University, Chair emeritus
> Edward J. Wright, Information Extraction and Transport, Inc.
> ---------------
> Submission of contributions:                      April   6, 2007
> Notification of selections by the organizing
> committee:                                        May    11, 2007
> Deadline for contributions to the proceedings:    June    8, 2007
> Date of the workshop:                             July   19, 2006
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