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[ontolog-forum] LAST CALL: 2nd IEEE ESAS 2007 Engineering Semantic Agent

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Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 18:56:16 +0200
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==================    (01)

2nd IEEE International Workshop on Engineering Semantic Agent Systems (ESAS 
2007)    (02)

July 24-27, 2OO7, Beijing, China    (03)

In Conjunction with
31st IEEE Annual Int’l Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC 
(http://www.compsac.org/)    (04)

Beginning 2006, COMPSAC is designated as the IEEE Computer Society Signature 
Conference on  Software Technology and Applications.    (05)

--------------    (06)

Applying Semantic Web Technologies in Research and Development of Software 
Agents, Mobile Agents  and Multi-Agent Systems.    (07)

Major topics of interest include a strong undercurrent of intelligent software 
agents, mobile  agents, and MAS side by side semantic Web technologies running 
through this workshop:     (08)

* Software Agents, Mobile Agents, and MAS: issues relating to architecture, 
implementation,  coordination, service levels, etc. of semantic or otherwise 
agents.     (09)

* Agent, MAS and Semantic Web Technologies: concomitant utilization of specific 
technologies in  agent, MAS, and semantic Web implementations; semantic agent 
communities & applications; case  studies of best-practice MAS applications; 
projects in the making;    (010)

* Ontologies for Agents and MAS: agent cooperation ontology; ontology of 
workflow in MAS;  ontologies for distributed applications; sharing and semantic 
interoperability; discovery and  operations on ontologies;    (011)

* Platforms for agent and MAS implementation: languages, frameworks, tools, 
integrated  development environments and software engineering practices 
supporting semantic or otherwise  software agent & MAS architectures, 
coordination, trust & security mechanisms, description,  discovery and 
composition of agent-based services; realization of ontology-based MAS systems.    (012)

* Other subjects of relevance in software agents, mobile agents, agent-based 
and multi-agent  systems.     (013)

---------------    (014)

March 20, 2007 deadline for paper submission.
April 16, 2007 notification of acceptance. 
April 30, 2007 camera-ready document and author registration due.     (015)

----------    (016)

Original papers not being submitted to journals or other conferences will be 
considered. All  submitted papers will be reviewed by the program committee 
according to its originality,  significance, correctness, presentation, and 
relevance. We encourage authors to present position  papers on practical 
studies and experiments, critiques of existing work, emerging issues, and  
novel ideas under development.     (017)

Papers are submitted electronically via the ESAS 2007 Submission Page  
(http://compsac.cs.iastate.edu/2007/ESAS/). Accepted papers will be published 
in the workshop  proceedings of the 31st IEEE Annual International Computer 
Software and Applications Conference  (COMPSAC 2007). It should be noted that 
all IEEE COMPSAC conference and workshop proceedings are  published by IEEE 
Computer Society Conference Publishing Services (CPS). All CPS Publications  
are captured in the online IEEE Digital Library, and professionally indexed 
through INSPEC and  EI Index (Elsevier's Engineering Information Index). At 
least one of the authors of each  accepted paper must register as a full 
participant of the workshop for the paper to be included  in the proceedings.    (018)

International Workshop on Engineering Semantic Agent Systems (ESAS 2006,  
http://conferences.computer.org/compsac/2006/ESAS.html) held in conjunction 
with the 30th  COMPSAC 
(http://conferences.computer.org/compsac/2006/index.html) was a great success 
with 35%  acceptance rate. The authors of a number of selected papers will be 
invited to submit an  extended version of their papers for possible publication 
in a relevant journal. Best papers of  ESAS 2006 are being prepared for a 
special issue of the Multiagent and Grid Systems - An  International Journal, 
IOS Press, ISSN 1574-1702, http://www.iospress.nl/flyers_j/15741702.pdf.    (019)

For updated information, please refer to  
http://conferences.computer.org/compsac/2007/workshops/ESAS.htm or contact the 
workshop  chairperson Atilla.Elci at EMU.edu.tr.    (020)

On behalf of the ESAS 2007 Organizing Committee    (021)

Dated: March 14, 2007. 
Have a good day. / 新年好 Xin Nian Kuai Le /Iyi gunler dilerim.
Atilla Elci
Dept. Comp. Eng., EMU,
Gazimagusa, TRNC.
http://cmpe.emu.edu.tr/aelci/ESAS2006/MAGS-SI/MAGS-Special-Issue_CFP_ESAS-2006.pdf    (022)

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