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From: "Peter P. Yim" <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2007 23:40:52 -0800
Message-id: <45C6DF84.5080505@xxxxxxxx>
I had an exchange with Jack Teller on the subject, which, I 
believe, may be of general interest (especially to those who are 
new to the Ontolog collaborative work environment). Therefore 
sharing it here (with Jack's permission).    (01)

Regards.  =ppy
--    (02)

On 2/3/07 9:34 AM PST, Peter Yim <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
 > Jack,
 > Thank you for the message.    (03)

 > 1. I still have you (based on your member-survey input) on
 > the record as an "observer". I can update that on your
 > advise/confirmation. This does not affect a member's
 > involvement until it comes to "voting" on community issues
 > (when "observers" don't vote), which is quite rare, as we
 > normally go by consensus and volunteering for things. But
 > then, when it really needs to come down to this, voting in
 > the registered "active" members are still qualified by their
 > actual participation (attending meetings, involvement in
 > discussions, etc.)    (04)

 > 2. Ref. going into the 'digest' mode, I was hoping my post
 > yesterday (ref. specifically toward the end of: 
 > ) was able to explain it clearly enough ... but evidently
 > not. (Alternatively) If you want to go from normal delivery
 > to the "digest" or "no mail" mode, just let me know, I can
 > set that up for you too.    (05)

 > 3. The "digest" actually sends you the messages in entirety
 > (not abbreviated), but it just does it once a day (or when
 > it crosses a prescribed cumulated message size threshold.)
 > Therefore, if I understand you correctly, "drill down" would
 > not apply.    (06)

 > 4. One setback when you turn off the normal delivery mode
 > is that there is no means for you to "continue a threaded
 > conversation" in the forum, because one nominally does that
 > by doing a "reply" on an incoming post from the mailing
 > list (which you don't get any more.) The preferred work
 > around would be to start a new message with the same
 > subject line (or modify it as it is applicable to the
 > particular subject matter being discussed), cite the
 > passage one is responding to, and respond accordingly
 > (as a new post.) The same goes for the "no mail"
 > subscriber, except that in this case, instead of
 > citing from the digest, one cites from the message
 > segment from forum archive content.
 > In both cases, citing a proper reference (original
 > poster, date/time, subject) or  the "PurpleNumber" of
 > the passage being responded to would help tremendously.    (07)

 > You asked a set of very good question, which I am sure,
 > is of general interest. I hope you don't mind if I put
 > this conversation up onto the public forum so it is shared
 > with others in the community as well.
 > Thanks & regards.  =ppy
 > --    (08)

 > On Feb 3, 2007 17:00 UTC, <drjackteller@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
 >> Peter, I don't know if I have changed my status from observer
 >> to participant, yet.  If I have, fine, if not, can I do so
 >> now.  Also, I must have missed some instructions on how to
 >> handle this large amount of email coming through the pipes.
 >> Can you explain to me how I can get 'digest' and turn off
 >> the entire flow of emails.  Then, please also include
 >> explanation as to how to drill down to the actual emails,
 >> when a digest item strikes me as interesting.  Thanks.
 >> JacobTeller    (09)

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