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Re: [ontolog-forum] Small steps plodding toward the big picture

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Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2006 09:32:48 -0600
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Owen and Peter:    (01)

>From my point of view it seems you are both approaching the same elephant
from different angles. Peter's concern seems to be that given billions of
people you have as many mental cultures/worldviews and attendant
assumptions/perceptions, etc. My experience says that they are rarely forced
to examine their own internal taxonomies ( to wit, I believe it was the
underappreciated ancient Greek philosopher Asinines who averred "The
unexamined life is par for the course" ). Owen's concern seems to be getting
real work done given real constraints ( time being the scarcest commodity ).
As a systems architect my experience has been the business analyst assumes
you can read his/her mind and that any deficiencies in requirement
documentation are because the programmer isn't "inferring hard enough."     (02)

For me, though a newbie, "ontology" is a practical way to help mindviews map
to one another by first mapping to a standard.  That these processes can
become more automated over time seems likely; more pervasive, I'm not so
certain. I think there are plenty of folks who have good reason to make
certain we can't quite seem to get those databases to talk to one another --
if you know what I mean ;-) Sorry, that's an xbrl rant. As a knowledge
delivery mechanism re: these areas, the Ontolog CoP has been as efficient a
model as I have run across.    (03)

What we've figured out on the Medical Banking Project work is that our main
challenge is that we are trying to describe a new hybrid domain to bankers
and healthcare folks which incorporates some familiar elements from their
separate domains but which "obviously implies" some others. Rex's
workgroup's name has been changed from "cyberwar" to "unified platform
initiative" to help along those lines. Hopefully, once folks can describe
the goal "similarly enough" we can begin our small steps plodding toward the
overarching goal of more efficient and effective healthcare delivery.    (04)

Owen, indeed enjoy your retirement and thanks for what you've accomplished
"transparentizing" fedgov thus far. And thanks to the folks who will carry
on your mission.    (05)

Ed Dodds
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facilitating convergence
http://www.conmergence.com     (06)

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