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Re: [ontolog-forum] Planning another NIST-Ontolog joint event for April

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From: Mike Brenner <mikeb@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2006 11:52:21 -0500
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Hi Steve,    (01)

I think we know HOW to map and link ontologies.    (02)

I think we don't know WHEN to map and link things,
for the same reason we don't know the meaning of
a simple phrase, clause, sentence, paragraph,
or story.    (03)

We cannot remove the human-in-the-loop until we
can measure the similarity between two phrases
in a given context.    (04)

I don't think creators of ontologies will make
any decisive advances in this direction in the
next few years. Progress must come from elsewhere.    (05)

Mike Brenner    (06)

Steve Ray wrote:
> How about:
>                       Semantic Mapping
>                            or
>               How we must learn to love heterogeneity
> Given that we will always be in a world where multiple ontologies coexist, 
> choices do we have for mapping, or linking, concepts among these ontologies?
> Must we be content with simply having humans assert semantic equivalence? If 
> what hope is there for automated integration? Is there potential in using
> pattern-matching algorithms? Is is realistic to believe that reasoning systems
> will be able to discover and/or prove semantic equivalence between concepts in
> different ontologies?
> What is the position of the Ontolog Forum?
> I await reaction...    (07)

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