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Re: [ontolog-forum] Light weight ontology editor?

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Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2006 14:00:28 +0200
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Is the new version of COE avaialable now, Pat? Please send me the link when 
it's out.
Greetings,     (01)

Have a good day. / Iyi gunler dilerim.
Atilla Elci
Dept. Comp. Eng., EMU,
Gazimagusa, TRNC.
http://cmpe.emu.edu.tr/aelci/ESAS2006/MAGS-SI/MAGS-Special-Issue_CFP_ESAS-2006.pdf    (02)

http://cmpe.emu.edu.tr/aelci/COMPSAC/CFP-Workshops-COMPSAC-2007.txt    (03)

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>Hi All,
>I'm searching for suitable ontology tool base to 
>use in a graduate course. What would be suitable 
>for students to use during one 
>semester, light-weight, easy to install (or for 
>remote use),  straight forward to use, without 
>cost? Perhaps a single tool supporting RDF, OWL, 
>& inference capabilities? Preferably supporting 
>API for user enhancement and customization?
>Your first hand impression with the tool counts more; please suggest.    (05)

You are welcome to use COE, a tool we have 
developed which allows RDF/OWL to be viewed and 
edited as a 'concept map', i.e. a labelled graph 
on the screen. This is a very intuitive 
easy-to-use interface (takes between an hour and 
a day to learn) but is very mouse-oriented so can 
be somewhat slow when dealing with large 
ontologies. It has the merit of protecting its 
user from ever needing to look at XML, which IMO 
is what heaven intended. It does not do any 
inferencing, however, and requires you to 'buy 
into' a concept-mapping view of things. Also it 
is beta, and may have a few buglets in it.    (06)

My honest advice would be to use Protege as the 
editor for your course, as it is more stable and 
has a large user base, but use COE as an ontology 
*viewer*. It gives one a unique graphical picture 
of the overall 'shape' of an OWL/RDF ontology.    (07)

There is an old version at 
http://cmap.ihmc.us/coe/ which will give you an 
idea of the interface.(Slideshow at 
www.ihmc.us:16080/users/phayes/Pub/COE-KCAP.ppt ) 
However I do not recommend this version for 
serious use. We are working on a new COE build, 
so if you are interested let me know and I will 
send you a new version in a couple of weeks. This 
will have the ability to display and edit large 
amounts of ground facts as a table rather than a 
graph, which speeds things up considerably.    (08)

Pat Hayes    (09)

>Have a good day. / Iyi günler dilerim.
>Atilla Elçi
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