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>Subject: Fw: Register for Moving Toward Interoperability: a National
>  Summit
>From: marc.wine@xxxxxxx
>Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 12:13:31 -0400
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>FYI - Here is a copy of the NIST Moving Toward Interoperability Conference:
>Marc Wine, M.H.A
>GSA Intergovernmental Solutions Division
>1800 F St., NW  Wash., D.C. 20405
>Tel. 202-208-6999
>Email: marc.wine@xxxxxxx
>Web Site: www.gsa.gov/intergov
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>09/07/2006 10:21 AM
>Please respond to
>"CAST, NIST, DOC-TA" <aahsa-response@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Register for Moving Toward Interoperability: a National Summit
>October 18-19, 2006
>A National Summit:
>Moving Toward Interoperability - Technologies for Accessible, 
>Affordable Healthcare
>NIST Administration Building
>Gaithersburg, MD
>Keynote Address:
>Michael O. Leavitt (confirmed)
>Secretary, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
>Carlos M. Gutierrez (invited)
>Secretary, U.S. Department of Commerce
>Craig R. Barrett (confirmed)
>Chairman of the Board, Intel Corporation
>Just Announced...
>Keynote Address (Day Two):
>Mike Magee, MD, Director, Pfizer Medical Humanities Initiative and 
>Vice President, Science and Medical Advocacy, Pfizer Inc. (confirmed)
>This is a unique opportunity where government and industry will come 
>together to chart a path toward a far-reaching vision for connected, 
>home-based health technologies through public-private partnerships.
>Five session topics will cover today's interoperability issues, such as:
>Market Drivers and Societal Issues
>Technology Gaps and Barriers Networked, Interoperable Solutions
>Device Standardization and Interoperability of Equipment
>EHR and PHR Standards as a Foundation for Future Digital Healthcare Systems
>Register Today!
>online now. The registration fee is $195 and includes meals, summit 
>materials, and transportation to and from the NIST facilities to the 
>Gaithersburg Holiday Inn.
>Hotel and Travel
>a hotel room at the Gaithersburg Holiday Inn. A limited number of 
>rooms are available for the rate of $104 per night. Book online or 
>call (301) 948-8900 to make your reservation .. Please refer to the 
>"NIST/Moving Toward Interoperability Workshop" room block. The group 
>booking code is MTI.
>Posters and Case Studies
>Interact with researchers at universities, companies and government 
>on technologies to support our aging population during our poster 
>networking session.
>Contact Rebecca Scritchfield
>Tel: (202) 508-9416
>Official Event Web site: 
>Who Should Attend
>Technology Researchers and Developers
>Healthcare and Aging Services Providers
>Government Agency Representatives
>Healthcare Product Vendors
>Company Executives
>Standards Development Organizations
>Consumer Organizations
>Companies, government, and consumers are developing partnerships to 
>address the challenges of the coming "age wave". Through the 
>application of consumer-directed technologies, opportunities exist 
>to empower individuals to take charge of their own health care and 
>maintain independence.
>To achieve this vision, our country must advance the development of 
>new technologies and ensure the interoperability of these devices. 
>To help explore the best way to enable the vision of connected 
>home-based health delivery, Center for Aging Services Technologies, 
>the Department of Commerce's Technology Administration and National 
>Institute of Standards and Technology have come together as partners 
>to host a National Summit to identify issues around the needs and 
>challenges to make interoperability a reality. Recommendations from 
>the Summit will drive needed public and private sector action.
>Co-Sponsored by:
>Center for Aging Services Technologies (CAST)
>U.S. Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and 
>Technology (NIST)
>U.S. Department of Commerce's Technology Administration (TA)
>For more information about this Summit, visit the official website 
>We take your privacy very seriously.
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