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Re: Database and Ontologies [was-Re: [ontolog-forum] A problem]

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From: Holger Knublauch <holger@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2006 13:07:38 -0700
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We at TopQuadrant have recently extended our ontology modeling platform 
TopBraid Composer to support real-time mapping of relational (legacy) 
databases into OWL/RDF ontologies.  I have described this (with 
screenshots) in my blog:    (01)

        http://composing-the-semantic-web.blogspot.com/    (02)

The underlying D2RQ API is open source.    (03)

Holger    (04)

TopQuadrant, Inc.
http://www.topbraidcomposer.com    (05)

>> Let's find out who else is interested ... ANYONE?
>> Like what Tatiana has done here, if anyone is interested or
>> working in this area, please indicate by responding to this
>> thread, and suggest what you want to see and/or what you can
>> bring to the table, as far as this topic is concerned.
>>> In general, I am very interested to participate in discussions and
>>> research about merging databases and ontologies, bringing database
>>> practices to ontological development and other issues related to
>>> databases and ontologies. Can you direct my here? Please disregard if
>>> you are not involved with this.    (06)

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