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Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006 08:19:00 -0700
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Thanks Peter,    (01)

Hurrah! And on to moving forward.    (02)

I hope to see and meet all of you at the Ontolog 
Forum Workshop Sunday, July 23, 2006 as part of 
the Ninth International Protégé Conference at 
Stanford University, James H. Clark Center.    (03)

Rex    (04)

At 7:28 AM -0700 7/21/06, Peter P. Yim wrote:
>  > .. The ballot will be open for seven (7) calendar days from the
>>  time-stamp of this message. At the end of that, if we get two
>>  or more 'objections', we will make an attempt to get and count
>>  the votes from all active members. If we do not have two or
>>  more 'objections', we will consider this motion as having been
>>  adopted by the Ontolog Community.
>The ballot is now closed. There being no objections, the motion:
>   "That the Ontolog community offer NCOR to be 
>an 'Ontolog Partner' and to accept to be an 
>'NCOR Partner' if so offered."
>.... is adopted by the Ontolog Community.
>We do have an offer from NCOR, as relayed 
>earlier, by Professor Barry Smith, indicating 
>that he and Professor Mark Musen will be 
>delighted to have the Ontolog Forum as an NCOR 
>By including Barry and Mark in this message 
>routing, we want to thank them and to confirm 
>Ontolog's acceptance to be an 'NCOR partner.' We 
>would also like to take the opportunity to 
>reciprocate and extend our offer to NCOR to be 
>an 'Ontolog Partner.'
>We shall look forward to the two communities to 
>collaborate and advance our common cause in the 
>Thank you all.  =ppy
>Peter P. Yim wrote Fri, 14 Jul 2006 07:05:41 -0700:
>>Dear Ontolog Members,
>>Further to the motion on the subject matter 
>>brought up on 7-Jul-2006 (ref: 
>>), the 7 days we set aside for discussion has 
>>come and gone. Here is a summary of the 
>>responses received on the motion as brought up 
>>by Peter Yim:
>>  o  Two members, Bill McCarthy (Michigan State 
>>U.) and Rex Brooks (Starbourne), seconded the 
>>  o  Six other members posted in support of the 
>>motion. They included: Steven Ray (NIST), Jack 
>>Park (SRI), Patrick Cassidy (MITRE),  Charles 
>>Turnitsa (Old Dominion U. Research Foundation), 
>>Naijun Zhou (U. of Maryland College Park) and 
>>Bo Newman (KM Forum).
>>  o  one input was received from Scott Spangler 
>>(IBM) requesting to be removed from the mailing 
>>  o  No input was received to amend or update the wording of the motion.
>>We shall now put the motion to the vote ...
>>It has been moved, on terms of reference cited 
>>before (under - 
>>   "That the Ontolog community offer NCOR to be 
>>an 'Ontolog Partner' and to accept to be an 
>>'NCOR Partner' if so offered."
>>We shall make a first attempt to adopt the motion summarily (precedence ref:
>>with the following process:
>>   "The ballot will be open for seven (7) calendar days from the
>>time-stamp of this message. At the end of that, if we get two or
>>more 'objections', we will make an attempt to get and count the
>>votes from all active members. If we do not have two or more
>>'objections', we will consider this motion as having been adopted
>>by the Ontolog Community."
>>As such, please make a post ONLY if (a) you are 
>>a registered active member of this community, 
>>and (b) that you object to our adopting this 
>>motion. Please state clearly THAT YOU OBJECT TO 
>>HAVE TO DO ANYTHING (for now).
>>Thank you.  =ppy
>>Peter Yim
>>Co-convener, Ontolog
>>Peter P. Yim wrote Fri, 07 Jul 2006 10:59:27 -0700:
>>>Thank you for the support, Bill, Rex, Steve and Jack!
>>>I just realized that I did not even remember 
>>>to explain who/what NCOR is (especially for 
>>>those who are new in the community, or those 
>>>who are unfamiliar with the acronym). Here 
>>>NCOR is the US National Center for Ontological 
>>>Research inaugurated on 27-Oct-2005.  NCOR is 
>>>led by its two Directors: Professor Barry 
>>>Smith of SUNY Buffalo (ref: 
>>>and Professor Mark Musen of Stanford (ref: 
>>>NCOR has the goal of advancing ontological 
>>>investigation within the United States. It 
>>>will serve as a vehicle to coordinate, to 
>>>enhance, to publicize, and to seek funding for 
>>>ontological research activities in its two 
>>>principal sites and in its partner 
>>>institutions. A special focus will be on the 
>>>establishment of tools and measures for 
>>>quality assurance of ontologies.
>>>NCOR will provide coordination, 
>>>infrastructure, and other forms of support for 
>>>investigators working in the United States on 
>>>theoretical ontology and on applications in 
>>>fields such as ontology of the sciences, 
>>>spatial and cognitive ontology, terminological 
>>>systems, enterprise ontology and in a variety 
>>>of defense- and homeland security-related 
>>>It will also provide US researchers working in 
>>>ontology-related areas with specialized 
>>>support in seeking external funding and in 
>>>assembling collaborative, interdisciplinary 
>>>teams both nationally and internationally. It 
>>>will aid the coordination of ontological 
>>>projects being pursued by its partner 
>>>institutions and also develop resources for 
>>>the implementation and evaluation of 
>>>ontologies. The Center will also engage in 
>>>outreach endeavors that are designed to 
>>>broaden the range of institutions and 
>>>individuals accepting the goals of high 
>>>quality ontology in both theory and practice.
>>>Ref: http://ncor.us
>>>& http://ontolog.cim3.net/forum//ontolog-forum/2005-08/msg00000.html
>>>Regards.  =ppy
>>>Jack Park wrote Fri, 07 Jul 2006 09:30:55 -0700:
>>>>What Rex said (if I'm qualified to chime in!)
>>>>Steve Ray wrote Fri, 7 Jul 2006 10:55:30 -0400:
>>>>>Great idea. I wholeheartedly support this.
>>>Rex Brooks wrote Fri, 7 Jul 2006 05:53:39 -0700:
>>>  > I second this motion.
>>>  >
>>>  > Sincerely,
>>>  > Rex Brooks
>>>McCarthy, William wrote Fri, 7 Jul 2006 07:30:36 -0400:
>>>  > I second Peter's NCOR Partnership motion.
>>>  >
>>>  > Bill McCarthy
>>>  > Michigan State
>>>>>At 4:02 AM -0700 7/7/06, Peter P. Yim wrote:
>>>>>>Those who have been attending our planning 
>>>>>>meetings will recall that we have had the 
>>>>>>item: "NCOR relationship" listed as 
>>>>>>"pending" for months now.
>>>>>>I am pleased to report that we (through 
>>>>>>exchanges between myself, Barry Smith and 
>>>>>>Mark Musen) are making very good progress 
>>>>>>lately, and are poised to establish a 
>>>>>>Two-Way Partnership Relationship between 
>>>>>>Ontolog and NCOR (once we get all the 
>>>>>>formalities out of the way). On our part, 
>>>>>>what needs to be done is that we put forth 
>>>>>>a motion, and get that adopted by this 
>>>>>>Terms of Reference:
>>>>>>According to the NCOR Statutes, they are expecting NCOR partners to
>>>>>>be: "institutions and research groups in 
>>>>>>academia, industry and government (that) 
>>>>>>have a proven track record of excellence in 
>>>>>>ontological research or in the application 
>>>>>>of ontology to the solving of concrete 
>>>>>>problems. In addition they should be 
>>>>>>committed to NCOR's primary goal of raising 
>>>>>>the quality of ontological research and 
>>>>>>development through development and testing 
>>>>>>of objective measures of quality.
>>>>>>NCOR partner will also have obligations:
>>>>>>   o  to contribute to NCOR's broader goals 
>>>>>>of coordination and evaluation of ontology 
>>>>>>   o  to help steer NCOR's work in a 
>>>>>>direction that makes sense for their 
>>>>>>respective constituency;
>>>>>>   o  to help publicize NCOR's goals in their respective constituency;
>>>>>>   o  to inform the Executive Committee about funding opportunities, and
>>>>>>   o  to provide real problems which can be 
>>>>>>used to test ontologies developed by other 
>>>>>>NCOR partners."
>>>>>>I believe Ontolog qualifies.
>>>>>>Additionally, I reckon that we (Ontolog) 
>>>>>>will readily accept as 'partner' any 
>>>>>>organization that shares our vision and 
>>>>>>mission as stated in the Ontolog's Charter 
>>>>>>and is willing to join us in advancing that 
>>>>>>mission. In the case of NCOR, I trust that 
>>>>>>a two-way Partnership between our two 
>>>>>>organizations (NCOR and Ontolog) will 
>>>>>>potentially bring about synergies that will 
>>>>>>benefit practitioners and users of 
>>>>>>ontologies or ontology-related work.
>>>>>>I, therefore, move:
>>>>>>"That the Ontolog community offer NCOR to 
>>>>>>be an 'Ontolog Partner' and to accept to be 
>>>>>>an 'NCOR Partner' if so offered."
>>>>>>Due Process:
>>>>>>(a) I need an active Ontolog member to second the motion.
>>>>>>(b) For the next 7 calendar days, we'll 
>>>>>>open this up for discussion (via this 
>>>>>>virtual forum), suggestions or amendments.
>>>>>>(c) After that we'll re-state the (possibly 
>>>>>>updated) motion and put it to the vote. The 
>>>>>>ballot shall be open for 7 calendar days 
>>>>>>(during which active members will vote by 
>>>>>>e-mail.) We may adopt this summarily if 
>>>>>>there are no objections. (precedence ref:
>>>>>>If we are lucky, we may be able to adopt 
>>>>>>this in time to allow us to announce this 
>>>>>>during the upcoming Ontolog Face-to-Face 
>>>>>>Meeting which commences on 23-Jul-2006. As 
>>>>>>such, your prompt response are solicited 
>>>>>>and appreciated.
>>>>>>Feel free to post any question you may have on the matter.
>>>>>>Thanks & regards.  =ppy
>>>>>>Peter P. Yim
>>>>>>Co-convener, Ontolog
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