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Date: Fri, 07 Jul 2006 04:02:40 -0700
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Those who have been attending our planning meetings will recall 
that we have had the item: "NCOR relationship" listed as 
"pending" for months now.    (01)

I am pleased to report that we (through exchanges between myself, 
Barry Smith and Mark Musen) are making very good progress lately, 
and are poised to establish a Two-Way Partnership Relationship 
between Ontolog and NCOR (once we get all the formalities out of 
the way). On our part, what needs to be done is that we put forth 
a motion, and get that adopted by this community.    (02)

Terms of Reference:    (03)

According to the NCOR Statutes, they are expecting NCOR partners 
to be: "institutions and research groups in academia, industry 
and government (that) have a proven track record of excellence in 
ontological research or in the application of ontology to the 
solving of concrete problems. In addition they should be 
committed to NCORís primary goal of raising the quality of 
ontological research and development through development and 
testing of objective measures of quality.    (04)

NCOR partner will also have obligations:    (05)

   o  to contribute to NCORís broader goals of coordination and 
evaluation of ontology research;    (06)

   o  to help steer NCORís work in a direction that makes sense 
for their respective constituency;    (07)

   o  to help publicize NCORís goals in their respective 
constituency;    (08)

   o  to inform the Executive Committee about funding 
opportunities, and    (09)

   o  to provide real problems which can be used to test 
ontologies developed by other NCOR partners."    (010)

I believe Ontolog qualifies.    (011)

Additionally, I reckon that we (Ontolog) will readily accept as 
'partner' any organization that shares our vision and mission as 
stated in the Ontolog's Charter (ref: 
http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?WikiHomePage#nidB) and is 
willing to join us in advancing that mission. In the case of 
NCOR, I trust that a two-way Partnership between our two 
organizations (NCOR and Ontolog) will potentially bring about 
synergies that will benefit practitioners and users of ontologies 
or ontology-related work.    (012)

Motion:    (013)

I, therefore, move:    (014)

"That the Ontolog community offer NCOR to be an 'Ontolog Partner' 
and to accept to be an 'NCOR Partner' if so offered."    (015)

Due Process:    (016)

(a) I need an active Ontolog member to second the motion.    (017)

(b) For the next 7 calendar days, we'll open this up for 
discussion (via this virtual forum), suggestions or amendments.    (018)

(c) After that we'll re-state the (possibly updated) motion and 
put it to the vote. The ballot shall be open for 7 calendar days 
(during which active members will vote by e-mail.) We may adopt 
this summarily if there are no objections. (precedence ref: 
http://ontolog.cim3.net/forum//ontolog-forum/2005-06/msg00059.html#nid05)    (019)

If we are lucky, we may be able to adopt this in time to allow us 
to announce this during the upcoming Ontolog Face-to-Face Meeting 
which commences on 23-Jul-2006. As such, your prompt response are 
solicited and appreciated.    (020)

Feel free to post any question you may have on the matter.    (021)

Thanks & regards.  =ppy    (022)

Peter P. Yim
Co-convener, Ontolog
--    (023)

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