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[ontolog-forum] Where does a taxonomy fit into a conceptual data model?

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Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2006 14:48:03 -0500
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This week, a member of our TaxCop (Taxonomy Community of Practice) group
posted this question.    (01)

    "I am working on developing an enterprise wide conceptual data model. I
   wanted to know how developing a taxonomy is useful for the data model.?    (02)

My background is microbiology and library science. I have only a vague idea
about what an "enterprise wide conceptional model" is. Since the membership
of Ontolog forum seems to be very technical, I would like to know how you
would answer this question? Here is some more background for the question:    (03)

   Here is what I have to do. I have several budgets such as Finance, Human
   Asset etc. Now I am categorizing my Finance subject area into following
   :    (04)

   Fund Management
   Payment Management
   Cost Accounting
   Receipt Management
   Asset Management
   Now I can sub categorize any of these category , i.e. Fund Management is
   categorized into following:
   Account Structure
   GL Account
   Audit Finding
   Available Funding    etc
   Now you can see, I am developing this category, so where is Taxonomy
   here?  Here is description of my Fund Management :    (05)

   "Funds Management activities capture the highest level of financial data
   and summarizes and maintains account balances by fund structure. Funds
   Management is also the primary tool for carrying out the Agency
   responsibility of establishing a system and maintaining official records
   for ensuring that it does not obligate or disburse funds in excess of
   those appropriated and/or authorized. Information captures processes
   involved with Funds Management include budget preparation, budget
   formulation, funds allocation, budget execution and funds control."    (06)

   Does this description mean to Taxonomy?
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