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RE: [ontolog-forum] Ontolog Invited Speaker - Barry Smith - Thu2005.10.1

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Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 10:20:16 -0700
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Barry:    (01)

I think this would benefit from the use of a higher level ontology like
SUMO to actually define "John", "has" and "diabetes".  Without agreement
on the semantics of these, it is hard to evaluate any statements since
we both may infer different hypothesis based on our semantic evaluation
of each term.    (02)

If diabetes is defined deterministically and john has been subject to a
test procedure in alignment with that definition, then one can evaluate
John to ascertain whether the statement is true or false.  I have made
the assumption that "has" is a predicate statement indicating an
instance of some type of ownership/possession N-ary association.    (03)

Good stuff for provoking thoughts.    (04)

Duane    (05)

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Dear Duane,
Thanks for the kind words. I enjoyed our discussions and hope they 
can continue in the future.
To give it one more try:
suppose we diagnose John as having diabetes
we do this on the basis of a series of tests T    (07)

but when we say 'John has diabetes' we do not just mean 'John has 
tested so-and-so on T'
we mean that John has something about him, which endures in the 
future, not just that he did or suffered something (a test) in the past    (08)

identity is like diabetes
BS    (09)

At 10:09 PM 10/16/2005, you wrote:
>I concur.  It is nice to have a speaker with some truly original ideas
>in the forum.
>Barry - I really enjoyed your talk. It challenged my perspectives on a
>number of things I thought I had figured out.  Being forced to
>re-evaluate things is very healthy for the world and new ideas pave the
>road to invention.  I may not always agree but really enjoyed the fresh
>Best wishes
>Duane Nickull
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>We had an absolutely marvelous virtual session today with
>Professor Barry Smith from the Philosophy Department of the
>University at Buffalo (and Director of the newly established
>National Center for Ontological Research). Professor Smith's talk
>was on "The Ontology of Documents." The perspectives Professor
>Smith shared with us, his thesis of a "document act" in
>particular, as well as the ensuing discourse we managed to have
>during the session, were most thought provoking indeed.
>Thank you very much, Barry, for sharing your work and insight
>with us. Thanks are also due to Professor Bill McCarthy for
>suggesting and inviting Professor Smith to speak for us. And, as
>always, appreciations to all who came, participated and helped
>contribute to yet another great Ontolog session.
>The digitized (mp3) audio recording of the entire discussion has
>now been posted. That will be archived in our knowledge
>repository for reference and download by anyone interested.
>Additionally, for the next 10 days, telephone playback will also
>available. See details at:
>Thanks & regards.  =ppy    (04)
>P.S. Our next couple of major events have already been lined up.
>On Thursday, Oct. 20, 2005, Dr. Nicolas Rouquette from NASA/JPL
>will be moderating a Technical Discussion on "Semantic Web
>Service Ontology Standard"; and then,
>on Thursday, Nov. 3, 2005,  Mr. Rex Brooks from HumanMarkup.org
>will be moderating a Take-II (as a follow-up to our 2005.08.25
>session) of the Panel Discussion on "Healthcare Informatics
>Landscapes, Roadmaps, and Blueprints: Towards a Business Case
>Strategy for Large Scale Ontology Projects".
>Mark your calendars ... and, watch out for our announcements on
>these two events which should be coming out any moment now. =ppy
>Peter P. Yim wrote Thu, 06 Oct 2005 09:38:20 -0700:
> > *Reminder*
> >
> > Professor Barry Smith's session is coming up in a week.
> >
> > If you work with paper documents (and that's almost all of us), you
> > probably don't want to miss this.
> >
> > Look forward to having you at the session.
> >
> > Regards.  =ppy
> >
> > P.S. RSVP (offline) to <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx> is appreciated. That
> > help us reserve appropriate resources for this virtual session.
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