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FW: [ontolog-forum] RE: Ontolog Nomination Propsal and AHIC

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Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 15:21:57 -0700
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Dear Ontolog Forum Members,    (01)

We have a second from Dr. Peter Elkin, and because an oversight, a second
from Mr. Peter P. Yim on my Motion to Nominate Dr. Mark Musen as an AHIC
Candidate.    (02)

Thanks to both, we can proceed with discussions, and a plan to Vote on the
evening of June 22nd, 2005 unless objections are raised in a timely manner.    (03)

Regards,    (04)

Bob Smith, Ph.D.
Ontolog Member     (05)

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From: Bob Smith [mailto:robsmith5@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: RE: [ontolog-forum] RE: Ontolog Nomination Propsal and AHIC     (06)

Hello Dr. Peter Elkin,    (07)

Thanks for the timely "Second". Now we are ready to proceed.    (08)

Warm regards,    (09)

Bob Smith, Ph.D.
Ontolog Member
Professor Emeritus, CSU    (010)

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From: Elkin, Peter L., M.D. [mailto:Elkin.Peter@xxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: RE: [ontolog-forum] RE: Ontolog Nomination Propsal and AHIC     (011)

I will second Mark's Nomination.    (012)

Warm regards,    (013)

Peter    (014)

Peter L. Elkin, MD, FACP
Professor of Medicine
Director, Laboratory of Biomedical Informatics
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine    (015)

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Subject: [ontolog-forum] RE: Ontolog Nomination Propsal and AHIC     (016)

Hello,    (017)

The recent American Health Information Community (AHIC) Post describes
the important role that AHIC may perform in shaping health policy,
information standards, and open communities.     (018)

HHS Secretary has announced that Nominations are now open for
Commissioners.    (019)

This Ontolog Community has used a nominating procedure before,     (020)

[ http://ontolog.cim3.net/forum/ontolog-forum/2004-07/msg00032.html
]     (021)

and  I nominate Mark Musen as the Ontolog Community's candidate to AHIC.    (022)

Do we have a Second to my nomination? If so, we have a week for other
nominations and discussions.    (023)

Regards,    (024)

Bob Smith, Ph.D.    (025)

Health-ONT Project Coordinator    (026)

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