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From: "Brand Niemann" <bniemann@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 14 May 2005 15:39:46 -0400
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1. The SWANS Conference was a great success! See the registration database
attached to be used for further collaboration, not mass mailing marketing,
please! Our next conference, The Third Semantic Technologies for
E-Government Conference in the fall, is in the early planning stages and
will feature the Module 2 Business Case for Semantic Technologies. Please
contact Mills Davis if your would like to participate in the planning of
this conference and the completion of the White Paper
(mdavis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx).    (01)

2. Rick Morris was honored at the SWANS Conference and has retired from
government. The open co-chair has been offered to a prominent government
member of our CoP and we are awaiting the support of their organization.    (02)

3. I prepared a "State of SICoP" for the CIO Council and its two Committees
that I participate in (Architecture & Infrastructure and Best Practices).
See http://web-services.gov/scope05162005.ppt. This also begins to show how
our pilots need to map to the FEA Data Reference Model work and support
Module 3 Implementation of the Semantic Web.    (03)

4. I attended the first day of the W3C's Workshop on Rule Languages for
Interoperability, April 27th, and would refer you to the excellent agenda
and over 80 position papers at http://www.w3.org/2004/12/rules-ws/cfp.
It looks like a future rules standard will treat rules like data and reside
on the same level, and be coupled to OWL, in the W3C Semantic Web
Architecture stack.    (04)

5. The XML 2005 Conference submission deadline has past and I have submitted
a overview for SICoP, including the Module 1 White Paper since Ken Fromm is
unable to participate, and Jim Hendler has been announced as a keynote
speaker. See http://2005.xmlconference.org. The theme is Syntax to Semantics
and I am on the Planning Committee again this year to develop one or more
Semantic Tracks and Town Hall Meetings with your help.    (05)

6. The Ontology and Taxonomy Coordinating WG of SICoP has been fomally
launched under Pat Cassidy's direction (pcassidy@xxxxxxxxx) with separate em
ail discussion forums for: Tools Development, Ontology Development, and
General Discussion). See
Please support Pat by letting him know of your interest and by providing
URLs to your ontologies and taxonomies and related tools.    (06)

7. The Business Case for Semantic Technologies White Paper (Module 2)
continues to move forward under the leadership of Mills Davis through a
series of interviews and presentations. For example, we had a meeting with
the Navy CIO's staff last week. The Navy CIO is David Wennergren, who chairs
the CIO Council's Best Practices Committee, to which SICoP reports through
the KM.Gov WG.    (07)

8. Semantic technologies are generally in transition from pilots to
implementation and the business case is key. We are suggesting the vendors
pilot the implementation of the FEA Reference Model Ontology
(http://web-services.gov/fea-rmo.html) in repositories and composite
applications and/or use a forthcoming government public domain database (Sir
Tim Berners-Lee's suggestion at the SWANS Conference) to demonstrate
semantic searching and ontology building. All of this will support SICoP's
strategy of providing a solutions architecture that I am starting to call
Semantic Interoperability Architecture (SIA) instead of SOA in which they
seem to be just starting to think about the semantic interoperability of all
the data information that is being integrated. I liken this to being
analagous to the "E-Forms for E-Gov Pilot" in 2003 which we got 13 vendors
to implement Web Services using a common E-Grants XSD to increase their
application interoperability with one another to both their benefit and the
government's. Now we have a common ontology (FEA-RMO) and public domain
database to use for this purpose.    (08)

Many thanks for your great support of the SWANS Conference. Your comments
and suggestions are always welcome.    (09)

Brand Niemann
Chair, SICoP
http://web-services.gov    (010)

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