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Re: [ontolog-forum] What do ontologies have to do with meaning?

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From: Adam Pease <adampease@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 07:35:06 -0700
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   I agree that I'm not in charge of determining relevance.  I was offering 
my opinion.    (01)

Adam    (02)

At 11:11 PM 6/13/2004 -0700, Kurt Conrad wrote:
>I don't recall the meeting where we assigned Adam the task of deciding 
>what topics are relevant to this forum.
>1) If a topic generates discussion, that seems to be prima facie evidence 
>of relevance.  I found the exchanges to be both very interesting and (from 
>my admittedly biased position) quite useful.
>2) Our charter defined the scope of this forum using the phrase 
>"ontologies used in business".
>Until all business is done entirely by machines and we are all hopelessly 
>unemployed, I expect that business will have to continue to rely on agents 
>that learn from experience (regardless of whether or how well they 
>Speaking from my own, personal experience, I have trained a number of the 
>agents that I have worked with _not_ to communicate with me, directly, 
>demonstrating an interesting ontological mix of both learning and lack of 
>communication.  I have also found that the most critical business issues 
>routinely involve ontological breakdowns that occur well outside of 
>communication, formalization, and even automation.
>Mike, please don't hesitate to post any questions to this forum, including 
>(or even, especially) those that deal with "non-communication 
>semantics".  I believe that a better shared understanding of literal 
>meaning, true meaning, and a variety of other types of meaning can only 
>help businesses, and all other forms of human organization, to operate 
>more effectively.
>/s/ kwc 2004.06.13 23:11
>At 2004.06.09 13:58, Mike Brenner:
>>Hi Adam,
>>Okay, I'll not post non-communication semantics questions
>>to "ontolog" any more.
>>Adam Pease wrote:
>> >
>> > Mike,
>> >    In your original post you commented:
>> >
>> > "Thus, I don't see meaning as related to conceptual forms in the mind of
>> > the reader, but rather to physical forms which are the context in 
>> which the
>> > communication takes place."
>> >
>> > Are you now addressing agents which don't communicate, and somehow 
>> learn an
>> > ontology from experiences?  If so, then that doesn't seem relevant to this
>> > forum.
>> >
>> > Adam
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