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Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 09:04:12 -0400 (EDT)
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Peter Yim wrote:    (01)

>The people I talked to were very receptive (thanks to all) to holding 
>some joint function with us (if there are enough of us that will be 
>participating) while we are in town.
>I have posted them as candidate programs on the wiki.
>They include:
># Meeting / Workshop with NIST
>     * how about Fri 2004.07.09 afternoon?
>     * Probable Venue: NIST, Gaithersberg, MD
>    (02)

What did you have in mind to do in this workshop and
what NIST folk did you envision as participating?    (03)

FYI - I will be at the Protege conference and was seriously considering
preparing something for your Workshop on our work in formalizing 
business models from OAGIS BoDs.  Does that sound appropriate?    (04)

># Joint Meeting / workshop with eGov - SICoP
>     * being planned, how about Mon 2004.07.12?
>     * Probable Venue: Army Engineers HQ Library, Alexandria, VA
># For those who are interested, you are invited to join us at a 
>full-day "Intelligent Manufacturing" Workshop
>     * this is the 34th workshop in Susan Turnbull's Collaboration
>       Expedition Workshop Series that SteveRay and PeterYim
>       are co-leading
>     * Venue: NSF, Ballston, VA    (05)

When?    (06)

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