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Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 09:58:10 -0400 (EDT)
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> >># Meeting / Workshop with NIST
> >>
> >>    * how about Fri 2004.07.09 afternoon?
> >>    * Probable Venue: NIST, Gaithersberg, MD
> >
> > [EW] What did you have in mind to do in this workshop and
> > what NIST folk did you envision as participating?
[PPY]>Off hand, I am thinking, more, by way of building rapport, and 
>exploring joint work that could be synergistic to both parties. If we 
>do see people working together virtually in the future, a face-to-face 
>to allow people to peg faces to names and email address will be 
>valuable. I believe the intent to do a f2f is the crucial thing to 
>establish now, the rest are details. We can then work that out between 
>those who will be there (from both ontolog-members and NIST.)
>By the way, the Friday date was a possibility that Steve Ray suggested 
>when he and I were on the phone yesterday (we didn't go into this very 
>far though.)    (01)

[EW] Ah.  So this is the Ontolog face-to-face combined with some outreach
to/from NIST.?  I was somewhat confused by the "Workshop with NIST" title.
Is Steve handling the logistics of arranging this then?    (02)

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