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Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 03:48:15 EST
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Sam Hunting <shunting@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> said:    (01)

> And I'm not trolling when I was the question --
> The phrase "incomplete ontological effort" intrigues me. 
What is the
> operational definition of a "complete ontological 
effort" -- surely this
> is entirely a function of level of effort?    (02)

Perhaps I did use the term loosely, and I was certainly 
not trying to produce an operational definition.  In their 
own minds, the UBL team might consider themselves "done" 
when they have "reconceptualized" most of the major 
document sets in use in electronic collaboration.         (03)

What I meant however was an ontology in the sense of the 
classic Gruber definition -- a specification of a 
conceptualization.  In other words, what is the shared 
conceptualization of two trading partners as they plan 
their trading activities, identify each other in a market, 
negotiate their terms of trade, actualize their 
their economic exchanges, and deal with their post 
actualization exceptions (I am using the ISO Open-edi 
phases here) ?  In my mind, an ontologically-oriented team 
would feel incomplete if they had to walk away knowing 
that a significant component of this knowledge was left 
unspecified in their efforts (for example, "where 
approximately are we in this deal?").  Much of it was 
certainly embedded in the paper documents of years past, 
but simply stopping there would be (again in my mind) an 
incomplete effort no matter how exhaustive their levels of 
effort were at unearthing document-bound knowledge.      (04)

Not an operational defintion perhaps, but explained 
better I hope.     (05)

Bill McCarthy     (06)

William E. McCarthy
Michigan State University    (07)

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