Spatial Ontology Community of Practice 2013 Workshop    (41AQ)    (42D1)

Nov. 18-19, 2013 at NSF Ballston, VA    (42D2)

The Spatial Ontology Community of Practice's (SOCoP) 6th annual workshop on Spatial Semantics and Ontologies took place at the NSF Stafford II facility Nov 18-19 on Wilson Blvd, Ballston VA from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM each day.    (41B5)

This was a free, hands on workshop attened by about 30 people but remote access was available starting with the Main WebEx Sessions (Day 1 and Day 2 morning sessions as well as end of day summaries in the main meeting room.)    (41AU)

Groups    (42D0)

Preliminary information on the WG topics was announced and available at Interested parties could register there by adding their name or contact Gary Berg-Cross at    (41B7)

Groups formed to continue prior discussions on 3 domain topics and a longer term view of the use of design patterns:    (41B8)

  1. Terrain and surface network concepts ,    (41B9)
    • CUAHSI folks expressed an interest in participating but were unable to attend.    (41BA)
  2. Ontology design patterns such as Transport and Transformation for Green Building Architecture which would serve as a follow on to the recent Sustainable Data Community Forum workshop.    (41BB)
  3. Ontology patterns to help semantic annotation of maps    (41B4)
  4. Descartes Core - a set of (geo-)ontology design patterns, vocabularies, best practice guides, examples, software, and services, that aim to foster semantic interoperability between different (Linked Data) sources without restricting semantic heterogeneity at the same time.    (41BC)

The following was the Final Agenda and Schedule for the 2013 SOCoP workshop    (41BD)

Monday Nov. 18    (41BT)

Note telecoms are available if group agrees to them.    (41BZ)    (42EG)

Tuesday Nov 19    (42EE)

Ontological Humor    (42E8)

We now have a tradition of semantic or ontology jokes as part of VoCamp workshops. You can see some of the ones generated at our Monday night dinner and afterwards here.    (42E9)

Sample - Profs at SUNY Buffalo are committed to all driving to work in the same type of car. What is it?    (42EA)