OntologySummit2007 Survey Response Analysis    (VRK)

Analysis Team:  KenBaclawski (lead), DougHolmes, PeterYim    (ZU7)

The preliminary analysis (work-in-progress) includes a number of reports displaying the responses.    (ZQH)

Communities    (ZUE)

Community memberships and representatives    (ZUP)

Ontology: Value & Issues, as well as Problems & Solutions    (ZVV)

The answers to the four questions in part 3 (Value & Issues, as well as Problems & Solutions for Ontologies) were arranged by the community being represented. While many issues are common to all communities, some communities have community-specific issues.    (ZVW)

Answers to the questions in part 3 arranged by community    (ZVX)

Glossary    (ZQI)

The survey responses included nearly 100 terms of various kinds. The following statistics were computed for an earlier version of the analysis so they are no longer accurate, but they are still approximately correct:    (ZQJ)

Alphabetical list of terms for "ontology"    (ZQP)

Reference links for ontology terminology    (ZQQ)

List of terms ordered by evaluation    (ZQR)

Terms of all kinds    (ZQS)

Ontology Artifacts    (ZQT)

The survey responses included over 100 ontologies. Some duplication has not yet been eliminated.    (ZQU)

Ontologies arranged by ontology term    (ZQV)

Ontologies arranged by ontology term and sorted by evaluation within each term    (ZQW)

Ontology remarks    (ZQX)

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