OntologySummit2007 Survey/ResponseAnalysis

Latest Version:http://ontolog.cim3.net/file/work/OntologySummit2007/survey/wip/ResponseAnalysis-communities-20070421.html
Date Issued:2007-04-21T17:07:21Z
Status:Work in progress
Description:OntologySummit2007 Survey/ResponseAnalysis Community memberships and representatives

Community Memberships

Applications Development, Software Engineering and Information Model communities286
Semantic Web communities273
Standards Development communities267
Formal ontology communities208
Taxonomy communities161
Metadata communities150
System Architecture communities151
Biomedical communities145
Web 2.0 communities115
XML communities100
Thesauri community91
SEARCH communities80
Concept Map community60
Linguistic communities61
Topic Map community61
Analyst re knowledge management10
Aviation Information Services10
BIM and CSI specifications10
Business Process and Project Management Communities10
Data Mining10
Doug Engelbart's BOOTSTRAP community10
Electronic business11
Enterprise Architecture Communities10
Industry Research10
Information management10
Knowledge Mgt10
Knowledge base user communities11
Legacy Systems Reengineering communities10
Multilingual Architectures10
Process Technologies10
Project Mgt10

Community Representation

Formal ontology communities8
Standards Development communities7
Applications Development, Software Engineering and Information Model communities6
Biomedical communities5
Web 2.0 communities5
Semantic Web communities3
BPMN, Decision Support Systems-Policy1
Business, Marketing, Aviation Services1
Classification schemes (faceted)1
Electronic business1
KM business community1
Knowledge base user communities1
Linguistic communities1
Open knowledge1
System Architecture communities1
Systemics (as opposed to the general use of 'System Architecture'1
Taxonomy communities1
Thesauri community1
Topic Map community1
Upper and State1
Web 3.01