OpenOntologyRepository: "OOR-Ontohub-Gatekeeper API" Hackathon Session - Tue 2013_06_25    (3TND)

Session Topic: The "OOR-Ontohub-Gatekeeper API" Hackathon    (3TNE)

Session Co-chairs: TillMossakowski & KenBaclawski    (3TNF)

This is the first of a series of regular activities for the OOR team. The plan is to devote one meeting a month to intense coding (or other low level development) work.    (3UFM)

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4.1 Discussion: tactically, what shall we be doing differently in the next 6 to 12 months    (3UJ0)

4.2 Setting the metrics - what does "success" look like    (3UJ6)

4.3 Action planning for "content drive" (getting people to upload ontologies) ... (deferred discussion of this item)    (3UJ7)

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	Chat transcript from room: oor_20130625
	2013-06-25 GMT-08:00 [PDT]
	------    (3US7)
	[07:01] PeterYim: Welcome to the    (3US8)
	 = OpenOntologyRepository: "OOR-Ontohub-Gatekeeper API" Hackathon Session - Tue 2013_06_25 =    (3US9)
	Session Topic: The "OOR-Ontohub-Gatekeeper API" Hackathon    (3TNE)    (3USA)
	Session Co-chairs: TillMossakowski & KenBaclawski    (3TNF)    (3USB)
	This is the first of a series of regular activities for the OOR team. The plan is to devote one meeting 
        a month to intense coding (or other low level development) work.    (3USC)
	Session page:    (3USD)
	Attendees: TillMossakowski (co-chair), KenBaclawski (co-chair), BobSmith, OliverKutz, PeterYim, ToddSchneider.    (3USE)
	 == Proceedings ==    (3USF)
	[07:11] KenBaclawski: please point your browsers to the Ontohub-OOR API working document (google-doc) 
        - at:    (3USG)
	[07:19] TillMossakowski: We do not require the API to be minimal, but a minimal set of methods shall be identified.
        Derived methods can be implemented in terms of the minimal set; a reference implementation will show how to do this.    (3USH)
	[07:20] TillMossakowski: We will include also the methods from BioPortal not being in the OORService API    (3USI)
	[07:21] TillMossakowski: The API should not be specific to any kind of ontology framework.    (3USJ)
	[07:26] TillMossakowski: the method delivering all ontology latest version is take from 
        the BioPortal API:    (3USK)
	[7:31] TillMossakowski: Ken: what about "latest draft version" vs. "latest released version"?    (3USL)
	[7:34] KenBaclawski: The API should incorporate the branching of a software repository service such as git.    (3USM)
	[7:35] TillMossakowski: we should incorporate some aspects of the git API, involving repositories and branches    (3USN)
	[7:36] TillMossakowski: Peter: ontologies provide a richer structure (classes, attributes, modules) than 
        files in a file system    (3USO)
	[7:42] KenBaclawski: Each ontology has a URI and it follows linked data principles.    (3USP)
	[7:45] PeterYim: ref. consensus from our Jun-18 OOR-Strategy meeting - we will focused on developing 
        three things (hopefully within the next 3 months): the set of metadata, the API, and some shared thoughts 
        on the UI - see:    (3USQ)
	[7:56] KenBaclawski: The method for retrieving symbols and sentences should have a filter parameter.    (3USR)
	[7:56] TillMossakowski:
	 <Ontology name="FamilyBase" logic="OWL2" refname="FamilyBase" relxpath="/">
	      <Symbol kind="Class" name="Father">Class Father</Symbol>
	      <Symbol kind="Class" name="Female">Class Female</Symbol>
	      <Symbol kind="Class" name="Grandmother">Class Grandmother</Symbol>
	      <Symbol kind="Class" name="Hybrid">Class Hybrid</Symbol>
	      <Symbol kind="Class" name="Man">Class Man</Symbol>
	      <Symbol kind="Class" name="Married">Class Married</Symbol>
	      <Symbol kind="Class" name="MarriedMother">Class MarriedMother</Symbol>
	      <Symbol kind="Class" name="Mother">Class Mother</Symbol>
	      <Symbol kind="Class" name="MotherWithManyChildren>Class MotherWithManyChildren</Symbol>
	      <Symbol kind="Class" name="MotherWithoutDaughter>Class MotherWithoutDaughter</Symbol>
	      <Symbol kind="Class" name="Parent>Class Parent</Symbol>
	      <Symbol kind="Class" name="Person>Class Person</Symbol>
	      <Symbol kind="Class" name="Wife>Class Wife</Symbol>
	      <Symbol kind="Class" name="Woman>Class Woman</Symbol>
	      <Symbol kind="ObjectProperty" name="hasChild>ObjectProperty hasChild</Symbol>
	      <Symbol kind="ObjectProperty" name="hasHusband>ObjectProperty hasHusband</Symbol>
	      <Symbol kind="ObjectProperty" name="hasParent>ObjectProperty hasParent</Symbol>
	      <Symbol kind="Individual" name="clara>NamedIndividual clara</Symbol>
	      <Symbol kind="Individual" name="john>NamedIndividual john</Symbol>
	      <Symbol kind="Individual" name="mary>NamedIndividual mary</Symbol>
	   <Axiom>Class: Person</Axiom>
	      <Axiom>Class: Female</Axiom>
	      <Axiom>Class: Woman
	       EquivalentTo: Person and Female</Axiom>
	      <Axiom>Class: Man
	       EquivalentTo: Person and not Woman</Axiom>
	      <Axiom>ObjectProperty: hasParent</Axiom>
	      <Axiom>ObjectProperty: hasChild
	                InverseOf: hasParent</Axiom>
	      <Axiom>ObjectProperty: hasHusband</Axiom>
	      <Axiom>Class: Mother
	       EquivalentTo: Woman and hasChild some Person</Axiom>
	      <Axiom>Class: Father
	       EquivalentTo: Man and hasChild some Person</Axiom>
	      <Axiom>Class: Parent
	       EquivalentTo: Father or Mother</Axiom>
	      <Axiom>Class: Grandmother
	       EquivalentTo: Mother and hasChild some Parent</Axiom>
	      <Axiom>Class: MotherWithManyChildren
	       EquivalentTo: Mother and hasChild min 3 Thing</Axiom>
	      <Axiom>Class: MotherWithoutDaughter
	       EquivalentTo: Mother and hasChild only (not Woman)</Axiom>
	      <Axiom>Class: Wife
	       EquivalentTo: Woman and hasHusband some Man</Axiom>
	      <Axiom>Class: Married</Axiom>
	      <Axiom>Class: MarriedMother
	       EquivalentTo: Mother and Married</Axiom>
	      <Axiom>Class: MarriedMother
	       SubClassOf: Female and Person</Axiom>
	      <Axiom>Class: Hybrid
	       EquivalentTo: Woman and Man</Axiom>
	      <Axiom>Individual: mary
	            Types: Mother</Axiom>
	      <Axiom>Individual: mary
	            Facts: hasChild john</Axiom>
	      <Axiom>Individual: john
	            Types: Father</Axiom>
	      <Axiom>Individual: john
	            Facts: hasChild clara</Axiom>
	      <Axiom>Individual: clara</Axiom>
	  </Ontology>    (3USS)
	[8:02] TillMossakowski: We want to have one single method for retrieval, with a lot of parameters for 
        controlling what is selected/filtered    (3UST)
	[8:07] KenBaclawski: There should be a minimum collection of metrics that every repository instance should provide.    (3USU)
	[8:07] TillMossakowski: metadata includes stored metadata, as well as computed metadata (like metrics)    (3USV)
	[8:09] ToddSchneider: The parameters for controlling what is selected/filtered will need to be tied 
        to 'metadata' maintained by the repository (hence available for individuation).    (3USW)
	[8:10] ToddSchneider: I thought we had considered using the 'metadata' as a template (via XSLT or 
        a similar translation) for filtering.    (3USX)
	[8:11] ToddSchneider: Each parameter in the metadata becomes a possible 'filter'.    (3USY)
	[8:12] TillMossakowski: OMG IDL 3.5 (tmp link):    (3USZ)
	[8:20] KenBaclawski: The consensus is to formalize the API in IDL 3.5.    (3UT0)
	[8:28] KenBaclawski: Ken will formalize the gatekeeper in IDL.    (3UT1)
	[8:29] ToddSchneider: I really have to go. Cheers.    (3UT2)
	[8:31] KenBaclawski: Next hackathon session is on July 16 at the same time, same topic.  Till and Ken will be providing their IDL documents.    (3UT3)
	[8:32] KenBaclawski: Meeting is adjourned.    (3UT4)
	[8:32] vnc2: very productive session!    (3UT5)
	[8:32] PeterYim: -- session ended: 8:32am PDT --    (3UT6)
 -- end in-session chat-transcript --    (3UK3)

6. Action items:    (3UK4)

7. Any Other Business: ... (deferred to the next meeting)    (3UK6)

8. Schedule Next Meeting & Adjourn:    (3UK9)

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