OpenOntologyRepository: OOR Team Conference Call - Tue 2013_02_05    (3M6K)

This is a regular monthly OOR Team meeting. Besides covering the nominal team status review and planning, we will continue to explore how the OOR initiative can leverage on the OntologySummit2013, which will be in session now (and over the next 3 months or so,) and produce something synergistic to both programs during this period. We will pick up from where we left off at OOR/ConferenceCall_2013_01_15 and the Software for Ontology Evaluation exploratory meeting of Fri 2013.01.25.    (3M6L)

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most of the content below are inherited from the previous call(s); since we did not follow the regular OOR monthly meeting agenda this time, only the discussions captured in the chat-transcript will be most relevant ...    (3M8M)

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4.1 Discussion: tactically, what shall we be doing differently in the next 6 to 12 months    (3MA2)

4.2 Setting the metrics - what does "success" look like    (3MA8)

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 (for better clarity, the version below is a re-organized and lightly edited chat-transcript.)
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 -- begin in-session chat-transcript --    (3MB4)
	[07:30] PeterYim: Welcome to the    (3MJ0)
	 = OpenOntologyRepository: OOR Team Conference Call - Tue 2013_02_05 =    (3MJ1)
	session page:    (3MJ2)
	Attendees: PeterYim (chair), KenBaclawski, MariaPoveda, MikeDean, MikeDenny, OliverKutz, 
	TillMossakowski, YuriyMilov    (3MJ3)
	 == Proceedings: ==    (3MJ4)
	[07:25] anonymous morphed into MariaPoveda    (3MJ5)
	[07:27] anonymous morphed into MikeDenny    (3MJ6)
	[07:28] anonymous morphed into YuriyMilov    (3MJ7)
	[07:35] MariaPoveda: xd plugin    (3MJ8)
	[07:35] MariaPoveda: (ref. contacts for earlier NeOn project work) valentina presutti    (3MJ9)
	[07:35] MariaPoveda: aldo gangemi    (3MJA)
	[07:36] MariaPoveda: Here you can find the plugins developed during NeOn    (3MJB)
	[07:36] MariaPoveda:    (3MJC)
	[07:37] PeterYim: -- session started: 7:37am PST --    (3MJD)
	[07:55] TillMossakowski: I am also here    (3MJE)
	[07:55] PeterYim: Hi Till    (3MJF)
	[07:55] TillMossakowski: Hi Peter    (3MJG)
	[07:56] TillMossakowski: I just stayed in the room of my previous meeting ... still a bit noisy 
	here...    (3MJH)
	[08:00] TillMossakowski: Mike Dean is happy to focus on the ontology clinic idea    (3MJI)
	[08:01] PeterYim: three ideas being tossed around (at the OntologySummit2013 organizing committee): 
	hackathon (coding), "ontology clinic", "application clinic"    (3MJJ)
	[08:15] MariaPoveda: @Peter, could you write a very brief description of "ontology clinic" and 
	application clinic? I think I'm misunderstanding something. Maybe after the meeting in the 
	proceedings.    (3MJK)
	[08:20] PeterYim: @Maria and All: with the "ontology clinic" - we send (a) ontologies to be 
	evaluated through the "tool", study the results and see how the ontology may be improved, and (b) 
	gold standard ontology through the "tool", study the results and see how the "tool" (the ontology 
	too, possibly) may be improved    (3MJL)
	[08:40] PeterYim: @Maria and All: with the "application clinic" - we (a small team) work with a (one 
	or more) user community that has a real need to evaluate ontology, the clinic exercise helps the 
	user evaluate what ontologies are most suitable for them, etc.    (3MJM)
	[08:22] MariaPoveda: thank    (3MJN)
	[08:01] PeterYim: @ALL: please capture your ideas for the "hackathon/clinic" activity which you (or 
	the team of people you can bring to the table) would want to focus on    (3MJO)
	[08:06] MariaPoveda: [another relevant tool - Eyeball: a library and command-line tool for checking 
	RDF and OWL models for various common problems] see:    (3MJP)
	[08:07] KenBaclawski: It would be useful to integrate any evaluation tools into the OOR 
	architecture. This would involve agreeing on a common web services API.    (3MJQ)
	[08:08] MariaPoveda: sorry, I am not familiar with the OOR architecture    (3MJR)
	[08:11] TillMossakowski: @Maria: for the OOR architecture, see    (3MJS)
	[08:11] MariaPoveda: thanks    (3MJT)
	[08:10] TillMossakowski: sorry, can you post a link to "oops" ?    (3MJU)
	[08:10] MariaPoveda:    (3MJV)
	[08:10] PeterYim: @Till: re: OOPS! - see also:    (3MJW)
	[08:11] KenBaclawski: The result of evaluations should be in a common ontology so that the output of 
	evaluations would be interoperable. While I developed an ontology for this 10 years ago, it would 
	need to be updated and extended to handle other kinds of evaluations. This is an ontology 
	development effort, not a code development effort.    (3MJX)
	[08:12] MikeDean: Hackathon idea: access OOPS web services from OOR    (3MJY)
	[08:14] MariaPoveda: @Mike I'll let you know, maybe tomorrow, when you can use the web services    (3MJZ)
	[8:24] PeterYim: (answering MikeDenny's question about tools to support our survey) we have, at our 
	disposal, (a) Perseus Survey Solution, (b) Survey Monkey, (c) Lime Survey, (d) using Semantic Forms 
	etc. on Purple Semantic MediaWiki (psmw), plus soliciting input via the mailing list(s), wiki, 
	during panel sessions (collect input into the chat-room), etc. ... I would prefer (d) if we can get 
	the resources and people with the skill-set to support us on that.    (3MK0)
	[08:15] TillMossakowski: Peter: Ontolog is being moved to purple semantic MediaWiki (psmw)    (3MK1)
	[08:17] PeterYim: @Till & All - ref. Ontolog moving its wiki platform to OntologPSMW - see:    (3MK2)
	[08:25] TillMossakowski:    (3MK3)
	[09:11] PeterYim: (ref. survey tools at our disposal) our instance of Lime Survey - ref. &    (3MK4)
	[08:37] MikeDenny: Is there a link to Ontohub?    (3MK5)
	[08:37] OliverKutz:    (3MK6)
	[08:38] YuriyMilov: I think if it is possible to make a "mobile ontologies store" (similar to Google 
	Play) to have a convenient search and quick test env. for similar ontologies mobile platforms    (3MK7)
	[08:39] YuriyMilov: sorry, have to go    (3MK8)
	[08:41] MariaPoveda: sorry, there is a meeting in my office, my idea about what you say about 
	evaluation competition: could we use that result to identify which tools complement others?    (3MK9)
	[08:41] MariaPoveda: I mean there are several aspects to evaluate, and as a user I would like to 
	combine several tools to evaluate my ontology    (3MKA)
	[08:41] MariaPoveda: sorry    (3MKB)
	[08:42] MariaPoveda: could you repeat last part?    (3MKC)
	[08:43] MariaPoveda: please write in the chat    (3MKD)
	[08:43] MariaPoveda: there is a meeting here as well    (3MKE)
	[08:43] MariaPoveda: I'm a bit lost    (3MKF)
	[08:44] MariaPoveda: of course, OOPS will be more useful integrated in other tools    (3MKG)
	[08:44] MariaPoveda: for example ontology editors    (3MKH)
	[08:44] PeterYim: note discussion and relevant dates from our last meeting (Fri 2013.01.25): 
	logies_CommunityInput#nid3L8N    (3MKI)
	[08:44] TillMossakowski: OBO is an ontology language used in the biomedical community. It can be 
	translated to OWL, thus OOPS could be used for OBO as well.    (3MKJ)
	[08:46] TillMossakowski: However, for first-order ontologies, a first-order analogon of OOPS would 
	be needed. Probably, it would not be of much use to project a first-order ontology to OWL, thereby 
	losing information, and then sending it to OOPS. But I am not entirely sure.    (3MKK)
	[08:45] TillMossakowski: We could also integrate OOPS with Ontohub, i.e. such that any ontology 
	uploaded to Ontohub can be checked with OOPS.    (3MKL)
	[08:46] MariaPoveda: You can use web services soon while we think how to proceed for sharing the 
	code    (3MKM)
	[08:46] TillMossakowski: @Maria: good, we will be happy to do so.    (3MKN)
	[08:48] TillMossakowski: The OntologySummit could also be used for evaluation of ontology evaluation 
	tools, identify their weaknesses and strengths, and collect suggestions for improvements and further 
	developments    (3MKO)
	[08:49] PeterYim: coming up ... Thu 2013.02.21 - session-06 - Synthesis-I; proposed Communique 
	Outline; present how we frame the "hackathon/clinics"    (3MKP)
	[08:52] PeterYim: [action] let use the [ontolog-dev] mailing list to continue to explore and further 
	fine tune our thought so we can articulate it on the Feb-21 session - MikeDean will do the 
	presentation on behalf of this team    (3MKQ)
	[08:52] KenBaclawski: I have to leave.    (3MKR)
	[08:55] PeterYim: [action] Peter to add Maria, Mari Carmen, Oliver and Till to both the 
	[ontolog-dev] and [oor-dev] and [oor-forum] lists    (3MKS)
	[09:01] PeterYim: no meeting on Feb-8 (Fri) nor Feb-12 (Tue) ... we will work asynchronously (via 
	the [ontolog-dev] list) ... will explore date for next meeting on the list (possibly Tue Feb-19) 
	which will be right before the Feb-21 presentation    (3MKT)
	[09:01] PeterYim: -- session ended 8:59am PST --    (3MKU)
	[10:22] List of attendees: KenBaclawski, MariaPoveda, MikeDean, MikeDenny, OliverKutz, 
	PeterYim, TillMossakowski, YuriyMilov, anonymous    (3MKV)
 -- end in-session chat-transcript --    (3MB5)

6. (Other) Action items:    (3MB6)

7. Any Other Business:    (3MB8)

8. Schedule Next Meeting & Adjourn:    (3MBA)

 notes taken by: PeterYim / 2013.01.15-20.39pm PST
 All participants, please review and edit to enhance accuracy and granularity of the documented proceedings.    (3MBK)

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