OpenOntologyRepository: OOR Strategy, Tactics and Action Planning" Discussion Session - Tue 2012_11_20    (3HTY)

Key Topic for Discussion: OOR Strategy, Tactics and Action Planning    (3I94)

Session Chair: PeterYim & KenBaclawski    (3I95)

This is a continuation from the "OOR Strategy" session of 2012.11.06. Please refer to proceedings from that meeting at OOR/ConferenceCall_2012_11_06''    (3HU0)

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3. Key discussion: OOR Strategy and Funding - "A mini Strategic Planning Brainstorm Session"    (3I9X)

3.0 Announcements & Reports    (3IGK)

3.1 The "classic" (7-step) Strategic Planning process:    (3I9Y)

3.2 At our last (Tue 2012.11.06) session, we deliberated on (ii) & (iii) (including 3.3 ~ 3.5 below). Let's focus today's discussion (iv) (3.6 ~ 3.9 below)    (3IA7)

3.3 (ii) Strategic Analyses - SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats    (3IA8)

3.4 For (iii) & (iv), let us make sure we stay "relevant" - and shape ours using the Curt Carlson / SRI "NABC" model ...    (3IA9)

3.5 Discussion: strategically, what shall we be doing differently in the next 12 to 36 months    (3IAE)

3.6 Discussion: tactically, what shall we be doing differently in the next 6 to 12 months    (3IAF)

3.7 Discussion: how shall we get our resources / funding    (3IAG)

3.8 Action Plans    (3IAH)

3.9 Setting the metrics - what does "success" look like    (3IAI)

4. References: most of the content below are inherited from the previous call(s), and will be edited/updated as this meeting progresses ...    (3IAJ)

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	[07:32] PeterYim: Welcome to the    (3IGM)
	 = OpenOntologyRepository: OOR Strategy, Tactics and Action Planning" Discussion Session - Tue 2012_11_20 =    (3IGN)
	Key Topic' for Discussion: OOR Strategy, Tactics and Action Planning'''    (3IGO)
	Session Chair: PeterYim & KenBaclawski {nid 3I95}    (3IGP)
	This is a continuation from the "OOR Strategy" session of 2012.11.06. Please refer to proceedings 
	from that meeting at    (3IGQ)
	session page for today:    (3IGR)
	Attendees: PeterYim (co-chair), KenBaclawski (co-chair), MichaelGruninger, ToddSchneider, MikeDean, FrankOlken.    (3IGS)
	 == Proceedings: ==    (3IGT)
	[07:33] PeterYim: (current) attendees: KenBaclawski, MichaelGruninger, PeterYim, ToddSchneider    (3IGU)
	[07:33] MichaelGruninger: Today is the start of the Toronto Ontology Festival (TOFFEE 2012) 
	featuring three seminars by OliverKutz    (3IGV)
	[07:53] FrankOlken: @MichaelGruninger Is there a web page for Toronto Ontology Festival (TOFFEE 
	2012)? Will papers / slides / videos be posted to web? ... MichaelGruninger: the event is informal, 
	but papers will be posted on the web (later)    (3IGW)
	[07:44] FrankOlken: == speaking of talks at ISWC last week.    (3IGX)
	[07:37] KenBaclawski: There is a possibility that SAP would be interested in helping to develop the 
	OOR in connection with OData. It will be a few weeks before I find out whether this is more than 
	just a possibility. It will involve speaking more with the SAP representatives on the OData TC.    (3IGY)
	[07:39] FrankOlken: Ken, SAP would participate via its labs in Germany, US, or Korea?    (3IGZ)
	[07:39] FrankOlken: Ken said SAP Germany.    (3IH0)
	[07:43] ToddSchneider: Natural ontology?    (3IH1)
	[07:43] FrankOlken: Very interesting talk: The Not-So-Easy Task of Computing Class Subsumptions in 
	OWL RL (spotlight) Markus Kroetzsch. Markus made the point that inference about T-boxes sometimes 
	requires consideration of the A-box information.    (3IH2)
	[07:45] FrankOlken: Papers from International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) are located on the 
	program page, e.g.,    (3IH3)
	[07:46] FrankOlken: Some of the workshops at ISWC posted their papers to CEUR, e.g. Workshop on 
	Consuming Linked Data at    (3IH4)
	[07:47] FrankOlken: The main site for CEUR (a list of proceedings) is:    (3IH5)
	[07:47] FrankOlken: Next year ISWC will be located in Sydney, Australia.    (3IH6)
	[07:49] FrankOlken: IOS Press was selling FOIS proceedings and also STIDS proceedings. (Very 
	expensive).    (3IH7)
	[07:50] FrankOlken: Also, Enrico Motta (Italy) was demoing a system for analyzing and visualizing 
	social networks related to citation networks.    (3IH8)
	[07:53] MichaelGruninger: Ontology Matching uses the testing environment from the SEALS project 
	(Semantic Evaluation at Large Scale)    (3IH9)
	[07:59] ToddSchneider: If OOR supports patterns, will that require a more sophisticated 
	classification' mechanism? In particular, how will search/find capabilities be impacted?    (3IHA)
	[08:02] KenBaclawski: One unanswered question about patterns is whether they just ontologies or they 
	are a different concept. In either case, it would be useful to examine the existing use cases 
	(especially search) to determine whether they impact the use case. There could also be new use 
	cases.    (3IHB)
	[07:54] FrankOlken: Some of the talks at ISWC (keynotes?) were videotaped and will be posted 
	(somewhere) on the web.    (3IHC)
	[08:34] MikeDean: Semantic Web conference/dogfood ontology is at    (3IHD)
	[07:58] Peter: == another opportunity: building on the US federal initiatives and support toward 
	Data - bigdata, research-data, etc.    (3IHE)
	[08:02] PeterYim: DWF (Data Web Forum) is evolving into the Research Data Alliance - - suggest we engage them - their US effort is championed by Fran Berman at 
	RPI (and she is receptive to the collaboration)    (3IHF)
	[08:08] FrankOlken: Peter: RDA NSF program officer: Bob Chadduck (Bob is receptive to working with 
	us too)    (3IHG)
	[07:59] FrankOlken: Research Data Alliance    (3IHH)
	[08:00] FrankOlken: the coming RDA Launch and Plenary Meeting in Gothenburg on March 18-20 2013.    (3IHI)
	[08:06] FrankOlken: NSF-Supported Research Data Alliance/U.S. Collaborates with International 
	Partners to Accelerate Data Sharing    (3IHJ)
	[08:06] FrankOlken: The international launch and first plenary of the RDA will be held in 
	Gothenburg, Sweden, in March of 2013.    (3IHK)
	[08:10] FrankOlken: Research Data Alliance October 1-3, 2012 Westin Arlington Gateway meeting agenda 
	and slides    (3IHL)
	[08:12] PeterYim: == back to our main discussion: ref.    (3IHM)
	[08:12] PeterYim: Focused discussion on the tactics and action plans that will help put the recently 
	refined OOR Strategy in place (3IG2) explore how we might possibly leverage (3IG3) (i) the upcoming 
	OntologySummit2013, (3IG4) (ii) the OntologyBasedStandards initiative, and (3IG5) (iii) IAOA, ... to 
	provide synergies for all. (3IG6)    (3IHN)
	[08:15] MichaelGruninger: One possible topic might be the area around data curation and ontology 
	quality    (3IHO)
	[08:15] PeterYim: see:    (3IHP)
	[08:23] KenBaclawski: Continuing with Michael's suggestion, it would be good to include not only 
	data curation and ontology quality but also big data. More precisely, the motivation for curation 
	and quality is to support big data. This would tie it in with a number of the suggestions as well as 
	with some recent important topics.    (3IHQ)
	[08:24] PeterYim: Peter / Michael: consolidate various existing Ontology-Standards efforts into the 
	OntologyBasedStandards initiative    (3IHR)
	[08:24] FrankOlken: Steve Ray (CMU Silicon Valley) is interested in the use of ontologies for Smart 
	Grid data exchange standards.    (3IHS)
	[08:25] MichaelGruninger: We can use the ontologies within standards that have already been 
	presented in earlier Ontolog sessions as candidates for the Content track within OOR. The idea will 
	be that all of these ontologies will appear in some OOR instance    (3IHT)
	[08:30] PeterYim: think: ontology for research & conference papers    (3IHU)
	[08:31] PeterYim: Ken / Peter / Michael: IAOA would be in a great position to take leadership and 
	make it a mandate    (3IHV)
	[08:33] PeterYim: == next meeting:    (3IHW)
	[08:33] PeterYim: no OOR meeting on Tue Nov-27    (3IHX)
	[08:35] PeterYim: next OOR meeting will be on Tue 2012.12.04 - 1.5-Hrs. starting 7:30am PST / 
	10:30am EST / 4:30pm CET / 15:30 GMT/UTC ... regular OOR team agenda, plus a continuation of this 
	strategy/tactics/action-planning discussion    (3IHY)
	[08:35] PeterYim: by then, we will have more news about OntologySummit2013    (3IHZ)
	[08:36] PeterYim: -- session ended: 8:33am PST --    (3II0)
	[08:36] List of attendees: FrankOlken, KenBaclawski, MichaelGruninger, MikeDean, PeterYim, 
	ToddSchneider.    (3II1)
 -- end in-session chat-transcript --    (3ICF)

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 notes taken by: PeterYim / 2012.11.20-10:10am PST
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