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This is a regular OOR Team meeting. ... please refer also to proceedings from the last team meeting at OOR/ConferenceCall_2012_08_07    (3DTQ)

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  2012-09-18 GMT-08:00 [timestamps in PDT]    (3FNP)
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      [08:26] PeterYim: Welcome to the    (3FNQ)
       = OpenOntologyRepository: OOR Team Conference Call - Tue 2012_09_18 =    (3FNR)
      session page:    (3FNS)
      Attendees: MikeDean (chair), EricChan, KenBaclawski, MichaelGruninger, PeterYim (scribe), ToddSchneider, anonymous    (3FNT)
      [08:29] PeterYim: Hi Mike!    (3FNU)
      [08:38] PeterYim: -- session started: 8:38am PDT --    (3FNV)
      [09:03] ToddSchneider: Have to go.    (3FNW)
      [09:16] PeterYim: == ref. the upcoming "Ontology-based Standards" sessions - Oct-15, Nov-8, ... and beyond    (3FNX)
      [09:18] KenBaclawski: Translations to formal languages can provide validation opportunities that 
      are complementary to the natural language specification.    (3FNY)
      [09:29] EricChan: Ontological representations (such as OWL, UML, Common Logic) by faithful translations 
      from textual "informal" standard specifications is analogous to the use of formal models (such as 
      Petri Nets, Finite State Machines, Temporal Logic, etc.) to support the textual "informal" specifications 
      of lower-level communication protocols. It is essential in formalizing protocols in order to verify the 
      correctness of protocols (safety, liveness, fairness, etc). We should propose that ontology is equally 
      essential for new higher-level protocols involving richer data and semantics).    (3FNZ)
      [09:15] PeterYim: @MichaelGruninger - on the question about "expectations" of a co-organizer for the 
      "Ontology-based Standards" effort - 
      (i)  someone from the co-organizer working on organizing and presenting at the events, and 
      (ii) be ready to endorse a statement that says "Ontology-based Standards is good and we 
           (the co-organizers) are behind it!"    (3FO0)
      [09:22] MikeDean: ... report on the experience at:    (3FO1)
      [09:41] MichaelGruninger: will use the 2012_10_16 slot for the "OOR-Content: FOIS Ontologies" session 
      (instead of making it an OOR-Metadata session as originally planned)    (3FO2)
      [09:42] PeterYim: also, 2012_10_23 - Tuesday: "Getting OOR Development Going - Take-IX" Workshop 
      - Chair: MikeDean & MichaelGruninger ... Michael will try to engage TillMossakowski, and hopefully, 
      through this session, start getting more integration between the Ontohub and the OOR activities    (3FO3)
      [09:37] PeterYim: Peter / Mike / Ken: ref. the OOR instance - let do one more role out of a BioPortal 
      vm-appliance based OOR (probably their Nov-2012 version) before we will go with building from the code-repository    (3FO4)
      [09:37] PeterYim: -- session ended: 9:38am PDT --    (3FO5)
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