OpenOntologyRepository: Architecture & API Workshop-XIII - Tue 2012_09_11    (3DXU)

Topic: OOR Architecture & API Workshop-XIII: New OOR Use Cases and their Impact on the OOR Architecture ... consideer this session, also, as "OOR Use Cases - Take-4"    (3DXV)

Session Co-chairs: Professor KenBaclawski & Dr. ToddSchneider    (3DXW)

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Recent Ontolog sessions, such as those in the EarthScienceOntolog mini-series, have highlighted new use cases for the design and application of ontologies.    (3EYJ)

(1) Ontologies are modularized, with each module having different versions.    (3F4L)

(2) Ontology module versions may shift from one representation language to another over time.    (3F4M)

(3) Ontology modules may be in different locations (ideally, OOR instances) and one needs to map between them. For example, the same leaf concepts can be categorized in more than one way by different communities, and users want to select the categorization for their specific needs.    (3F4N)

(4) Ontology elements are often mapped to domain-specific visualizations which may vary with their use.    (3F4O)

These new use cases represent new challenges for the design of the the OOR. This session will attempt to understand these new use cases and to propose changes to the OOR architecture for dealing with them.The various architectures and APIs for ontology repositories presented for consideration are available at OpenOntologyRepository_Architecture    (3EYK)

Here is the status of the strawman architecture: OpenOntologyRepository_Architecture/Candidate03    (3EYL)

In addition, there is an API of the core services that was obtained from anearlier implementation BioPortal, which is not entirely compatible with the straw man architecture, but furnishes a starting point. This API will also be discussed and modified as needed.    (3EYM)

Finally, we need to agree on a plan for completing the development of the specification.    (3EYP)

Here is the proposed organizing plan: OpenOntologyRepository_Architecture/GettingOrganized    (3EYQ)

We encourage all participants to update your candidate contributions to ensure your ideas are known and understood.    (3EYR)

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3. Key items for review and discussion today:    (3EZM)

... items below are mostly from the previous workshop, and may be updated as this session progresses.    (3F01)

4. Consensus, Conclusions & Follow-up Actions:    (3F16)

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 All participants, please review and edit to enhance accuracy and granularity of the documented proceedings.    (3F1H)

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