OpenOntologyRepository: OOR Development Workshop-V - Tue 2011_11_08    (2YPC)

This is our "Getting OOR Development Going - Take V" workshop which we will devote to the topic of how best to getting real OOR-related open source software development work going ...    (2YPD)

Topic: "Getting OOR Development Going, on Eclipse?"    (2YSL)

Session Chair: MikeDean    (2YSM)

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Topic: "Getting OOR Development Going (V), on Eclipse?"    (2YUG)

	 --- Chat transcript begin ---    (2Z07)
	[08:31] PeterYim: Welcome to the    (2Z08)
	OpenOntologyRepository: OOR Development Workshop-V - Tue 2011_11_08    (2Z09)
	Topic: "Getting OOR Development Going, on Eclipse?"    (2Z0A)
	Session Chair: MikeDean    (2Z0B)
	Session page:    (2Z0C)
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	[08:40] Eric S. Chan: dual track, bioportal release and OOR branch    (2Z0F)
	[08:41] Eric S. Chan: subversion repository for OOR    (2Z0G)
	[08:43] ToddSchneider: Mike, how decouple the indexing from the language representation?    (2Z0H)
	[08:58] Eric S. Chan: the infrastructure will manage content and metadata    (2Z0I)
	[08:59] Eric S. Chan: content may be persisted in some CMS with version control support    (2Z0J)
	[08:59] Eric S. Chan: metadata may be triple store and Lucene indices    (2Z0K)
	[09:03] Eric S. Chan: persistent layer is pluggable (a language module may provide a persistence mechanism)    (2Z0L)
	[09:11] MikeDean: OOR should allow for ontologies containing components in different languages 
                (e.g. OWL and RIF or OWL and Common Logic, like OWL Time). This also relates to views and modules.    (2Z0M)
	[09:16] MikeDean: It might be interesting to provide at least a SPARQL endpoint for Jackrabbit. 
                This could make a good student project.    (2Z0N)
	[09:17] Eric S. Chan: bioportal provides background processing for validation (theorem proving), 
                OOR may define these processes as SOA services    (2Z0O)
	[09:28] Eric S. Chan: E:\jaxb-ri-20110115\bin\xjc.bat schema-obh-xjc.xsd schema-obr.xsd -extension    (2Z0P)
	[09:37] MikeDean: It would help bootstrap development to create an OOR Developer Tools page with 
                links to JAXRS specifications, tools to generate client bindings, and (soon) results of 
                generating those bindings.    (2Z0Q)
	[09:45] PeterYim: see: 
                the placeholder page is up at:    (2Z0R)
	[09:55] Eric S. Chan:    (2Z0S)
	[09:59] ToddSchneider: Have to go. Cheers.    (2Z0T)
	[10:11] PeterYim: very productive meeting ... Thanks, everyone!    (2Z0U)
	[10:11] PeterYim: -- session ended: 10:10am PST --    (2Z0V)
	 --- Chat transcript end ---    (2Z0W)

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 notes taken by: PeterYim / 2011.11.08-10:10am PST
 All participants, please review and edit to enhance accuracy and granularity of the documented proceedings.    (2YUX)

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