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Topic: OOR Metadata Workshop-III    (2TRU)

Session Chair: MichaelGruninger    (2TRV)

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	Welcome to the OpenOntologyRepository Metadata Workshop-III - Fri 2011_05_27    (2UOK)
	Topic: OOR Metadata Workshop-III    (2UOL)
	Session Chair: MichaelGruninger    (2UOM)
	Session page:    (2UON)
	PeterYim: Hi Ken!    (2UOO)
	TimDarr: Tim Darr joining    (2UOP)
	PeterYim: Hi Tim    (2UOQ)
	MichaelGruninger: tackling real use cases ...    (2UOR)
	MichaelGruninger: (from our last metadata workshop 2011.05.13) MikeBennett: Time ontology efforts: W3C time; OMG draft work; 
        Mayo Clinic (Cui Tao, paper at ICBO in Buffalo in July); FpML derived time terms; our own draft terms ... 
        [06:44] MikeBennett: Pat Hayes: Catalog of Temporal Theories    (2UOS)
	MichaelGruninger: MikeBennett: Geographical ontologies would be a very useful area to align and cross reference ontologies 
        (for instance UN-FAO has very specific scope; ISO 3166 has no axioms; GeoNames?...    (2UOT)
	MichaelGruninger: Gary will provide a list of existing standards that are related to geospatial concepts and ontologies    (2UOU)
	MichaelGruninger: USGS "toy ontologies" for domains such as hydrology    (2UOV)
	MichaelGruninger: SWEET ( Semantic Web for Earth and Environmental Terminology    (2UOW)
	MikeDean:    (2UOX)
	GaryBergCross: See for some of the SWEET modules I placed there in prep for VoCAmp.    (2UOY)
	PeterYim: [action] KenBaclawski, MikeDean and GaryBergCross will coordinate to get the OOR-sandbox up again (with some of the 
        illustrative ontology contents) to be available during the SOCoP VoCamp next week (Jun-3 & 4, 2011 at Washington, DC)    (2UOZ)
	anonymous morphed into ToddSchneider    (2UP0)
	MikeDean: Need for Geospatial and other ontology categories needed and reflected in previous discussions.  It may be helpful 
        for users to be able to create their own categories.  This is an existing use case.    (2UP1)
	PeterYim: Ref. to-do's for bringing up the new OOR-sandbox install -    (2UP2)
	PeterYim: ref MikeDean's input ref. "categories" -    (2UP3)
	GaryBergCross: Note that SWEET also has some time modules such as    (2UP4)
	MikeDean: Geospatial Ontology Trade Study is at    (2UP5)
	MikeDean: better link for Geospatial Ontology Trade Study    (2UP6)
	PeterYim: next meeting - Fri Jun-3: regular OOR-team meeting (chair: LeoObrst) 
        ... Fri Jun-10: no meeting 
        ... Fri Jun-17: OOR Architecture & API workshop (co-chairs: KenBaclawski & ToddSchneider) 
        ... (tentative) Thu Jun-23 & Fri Jun-24: ISO 18763 with ElisaKendall / EvanWallace (chair: MichaelGruninger)    (2UP7)
	PeterYim: -- session ended: 7:02am PDT --    (2UP8)
 -- end of in-session chat-transcript --    (2UIL)

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