UBL-Ontology Project Conference Call - Thu 2003-03-20    (5VU)

Agenda Ideas    (5WN)

Agenda    (5WZ)

  (1) Welcome    (5X0)
  (2) Identify a volunteer to take minutes of the meeting    (5X1)
  (3) Discussion: Project Goals    (5X2)
  (4) Discussion: more on the process    (5X5)
  (5) Discussion: identifying a set of deliverables and a timeline    (5X8)
  (6) Discussion: our approach    (5X9)
  (7) AOB    (5XA)

Proceedings    (5XB)

1) Peter Yim started the meeting. MikeDaconta volunteered to take minutes on the wiki in real time.    (5XC)

2) Things we try to cover today include:    (5XD)

3) On the issue of project goals and "Why develop an ontology based on the UBL schemas?"    (5XK)

the meaning of the markup.    (5Y8)

4) PeterYim mentioned that LeoObrst recommended giving ourselves two weeks or so to nail down the process and goals and then start work. (As implied in LeoObrst's repsonse to PatrickCassidy's process and approach suggestions. See thread    (5YE)

5) PeterYim then asked the next question -- "What does it take to get process out of the way, so that we can get on to 'real work'?"    (5YF)

6) MikeDaconta asked if a milestone schedule and assigning tasks is practical? PeterYim mentioned that he has seen it work in OASIS. Obviosuly "assignment" is more like having people "volunteer" themselves for certain tasks or assignments.    (5YR)

7) The issue of approach (or methodology) came up next.    (5YS)

8) PeterYim suggested that we can possibly develop the ontology on multiple tools and should not have to be confined to selecting just a single tool (or method) if there is enough interest and resources. Since this is an open and organic process, everyone should just feel free to push for whatever they are passionate about, as long as we have a shared commitment to a common goal.    (5YY)

9) PeterYim stated we should move to the next item: Identifying a set of deliverables and a timeline.    (5Z1)

10) BoNewman and BobSmith suggested we could start the ontology in Wiki. The group agreed that general concepts could be captured in Wiki, at least initially. To this, PeterYim pointed out that we are chartered to explore BOTH formal and informal ontologies.    (5ZA)

11) Meeting concluded at/about 11:30am PST. Meeting will be the same time next week.    (5ZB)

 --minutes taken by MikeDaconta on the wiki in real time
 --updated: PeterYim / 2003-03-20_16:00PST    (5ZC)